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Suggestion for change to monster memory display format

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Here is an idea for a change in the format of the monster memory:

<Name of monster>

(If unique:) 
Status: Alive/Dead
Player kills: nnn
Ancestor kills: nnn

<Background text on this monster>

Found at: Level nnn (nnn feet) (or Unknown)
Moves: At normal speed/Quickly/etc. (also include "but does not chase intruders" if appropriate)
Evil: Yes/No
Experience: nnn at your level (or Unknown)

Attacks: Hits to {attack/paralyze/etc.}, hits to {attack/paralyze/etc.} ... (or Unknown if no attacks are known)

Spellcasting abilities: List spells seen (leave section out if none have been seen)

Other abilities: Bash doors, Pickup objects, etc. (leave section out if none have been seen)

Acid: Effective/Resists/Unknown
Fire: Effective/Resists/Unknown
(etc. for remaining elements plus confuse, sleep, etc.)

Drops: Up to nnn ordinary/good/exceptional objects/treasures (or Unknown)

I thought it might be a little more readable, since there are a lot of different attributes for each monster to list; but the main thing is that I would like to see whether each different type of attack has been tried against this monster. Right now, if an attack type (like acid, fire, etc.) is not listed in the monster memory, there is no way to know if it is because the monster is not resistant or if it just hasn't been tried. Just having this in the memory somehow would be enough, if you don't think such a radical change is a good idea.

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