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Changes to tvals and svals

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Following the affixes merge, there are some changes which could be made to tvals and svals:

  • DSM could be created through "<colour> dragon scale" affixes, and removed as tval/base items
  • Seeker arrows and bolts could likewise be created through affixes - this means that ammo could become a single tval, with three svals for arrows/bolts/shots
  • Crowns and helms could share the same tval (IIUC the only reason for the separation was for ego type legality)
  • Ultimately, all melee weapons could share the same tval ...

Following noz's add_kind and fixup_artifact_kinds functions, takkaria said something about possibly being able to get rid of svals altogether ...

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On the flipside, there are some familiar suffices that should be replaced with prefixes because they are only concerned with hit/dam: Accuracy, Power, Wounding, Slaying, Extra Might, Craftsmanship. All these can be provided using the make/material/quality prefixes. Extra Shots is left as a suffix because it is inherently magical (like Extra Blows).

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So DSM has gone, and is now done with affixes. But no unification of headgear or weapons yet, seeker ammo are still separate base objects, and we still have svals.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by magnate

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While fixing archery in v4 I decided to make slings and xbows into separate tvals from bows (exactly the opposite of unifying weapons into a single tval I know, but this is all to support a more sophisticated combat model where e.g. the damage mult from a crossbow uses a different calculation than for a drawn bow). Anyway, to add a new tval you currently have to do three things:

  1. Add an entry for it to lib/edit/object_base.txt
  1. Add a #define for it to src/object/tvalsval.h
  1. Add a pair linking the two above to the tval_names grouper in src/object/obj-util.c

This doesn't seem optimal. If we moved the hardcoded numbers from tvalsval.h into object_base.txt, using a traditional index number, I think steps 2 and 3 could go. Would anyone like to give me reasons not to do this?

(I know there has been talk of doing away with indices altogether, but IMO that's orthogonal - they can just as easily be removed from object_base.txt in future as they can from the current setup.)

(I also think that getting rid of svals completely is orthogonal to this change to tval handling. But I need to think about this some more.)

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