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Make caverns have a better risk:reward ratio

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From IRC:

13:25 < fizzix> d_m, Derakon: caverns risk-reward should be a lot better in this version. 
                I did push a bunch of changes lowering the risk and increasing the reward.
13:25 < fizzix> I think there are two things that are needed to fix them.
13:26 < fizzix> 1 is that they need to be comparable in both size and loot to normal 
                levels (including normal levels with special rooms.)
13:27 < fizzix> 2 is that they need to have clearly delineated areas that serve as their 
                version of vaults.
13:27 < fizzix> these don't need to be actual vaults, just vault-like areas that start 
                appearing later with good loot.
13:29 < fizzix> in an infinitely-leveled game, it's hard to justify searching through a 
                cavern.  In a finitely leveled game, like the comp, you definitely feel a 
                bit shafted for getting a small level.
13:30 < fizzix> this may be a place for an option, unless someone really wants to work on 
                them to try to even out the risk:reward curve across the three.
13:49 < d_m> honestly, with caverns it'd be super easy to slap down rooms and/or vaults 
             into the cavern randomly and then count on the connecting algorithm to make 
             sure the level is still passable

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