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Seen vs aware in object list

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Object list should be separating "seen" and "aware" objects, and it isn't - old bug resurfaced, apparently

Reported by Ingwe Ingweron

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"Just to clarify, the current behavior has always been the way it is, with player aware of every object both seen and unseen, but previously encountered, whereas the monster window correctly separates the two.

I brought this up back in September 2013, when I proposed Lat/Long? for monsters similar to the way that coordinate information was already included for the Object sub-window. The community, and especially Molybdenum who did the coding, agreed on the Lat/Long? issue and imported the behavior of object coordinates to monster coordinates (with a few tweaks for monster groups). However, I don't know that consensus was ever reached about importing the behavior of the monster split of seen vs. aware into the object sub-window. For me, it would be helpful to know when @ enters a room just what is actually in LoS, both monsters AND objects.

Just wanted to clarify in case you thought that some bit of code had previously worked correctly and then stopped. To my mind the object sub-window has never worked correctly. (Besides, the description has always been just flat wrong since it states that player "sees" everything in the object sub-window, whether in LoS or not. At a minimum, the description should at least be changed.)" - Ingwe

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