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#1876 closed bug (fixed (in master))

Bonus weirdness on wield and take off

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"I’ve found this as well. I was wearing leather armour and had a full inventory; I found pseudo dragon mail armour. Wielding it directly from the floor put me over my weight limit and I was at -1 speed even though both armours then ended up on the floor. Speed penalty persists until I saved and reloaded the character.

EDIT Interestingly picking the armour up again without having saved to clear the penalty increases the weight of my inventory further and now I'm at -3 speed.

EDIT 2 Just used pseudo dragon scale mail to breath dark at an aimless merchant (HP 6 from monster edit file). Took only 2 stars of health of him (1.2 HP damage I guess). Pseudo dragon scale mail should activate for 200HP damage from the description."

Reported by AndyHK

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" Angband 4.0 dev a05a05c

The Slowing bug is back. @ picked up a heavy lance and was Slow (-2). @ drops the lance and [i]nventory screen shows he has (5.3 lb remaining), but is still Slow (-2).

EDIT: Exiting and reopening savefile clears the Slow indicator. Sounds like there's a serious problem here if monsters, artifacts, and status require an exit and reopen to reset them." - Ingwe Ingweron

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Can't confirm this

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The EDIT 2 issue is fixed in 6325980

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The rest may be fixed in a18e20d

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Closing this with the intent to reopen if it is reported again

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Really fixed in 25392b0

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