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Bad randart properties

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No slays or brands on randarts, and an Arkenstone with 0 light

Reported by Nomad and MattB

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More stories:
"I don't think I've had a randart with any speed boosts. I'm used to +2 here, +4 there etc." - MattB
"There are no randarts being generated with multiple stat boosts. So speed (and all other stat boosts) are presumably correspondingly rarer because if a randart already has one stat boost, even if it's infravision or searching, it won't get any of the others." - Nomad

"the Long Bow of Andir (x14) (+5,+13) <+11>

+11 shooting power.
Provides resistance to fire, dark, chaos.
Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
Slows your metabolism. Speeds regeneration.

Min Level 100, Max Level 127, Generation chance 4, Power 20062, 4.0 lbs
Based on Aglarang.

And recharge time on this one is very long

the Long Bow of Nintel (x3) (+17,+24) <+6>

+6 strength.
Provides immunity to frost.
Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, poison gas, dark, shards, nexus,
Provides protection from fear.
Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
Sustains strength, intelligence.
Slows your metabolism. Feather Falling. Speeds regeneration. Prevents

When activated, it removes all curses.
Takes 164000 to 80160000 turns to recharge.
Your chance of success is 87.3%

Min Level 68, Max Level 127, Generation chance 1, Power 398, 4.0 lbs
Based on Ringil.

8 matches for "recharge" in buffer: artifact.spo
774:Takes 164000 to 80160000 turns to recharge.
1018:Takes 164000 to 80160000 turns to recharge.
1670:Takes 11 to 20 turns to recharge.
1685:Takes 51 to 100 turns to recharge.
1705:Takes 51 to 100 turns to recharge.
1832:Takes 164000 to 80160000 turns to recharge.
1852:Takes 164000 to 80160000 turns to recharge.
1877:Takes 209 to 650 turns to recharge." - Thraalbeast

"I think this is something to do with the bug where randarts are currently only being generated with boosts to a single stat. I assume that instead of that +11 eleven stat boost being divided up into say, +2 shooting power, +3 DEX, +3 INT and +3 infravision, it all gets loaded onto a single stat. Which is particularly noticeable when it's something like shooting power that doesn't usually go above 2-3 even with randarts." - Nomad

"Recharge times don't appear fixed for randarts. I have a ring that activates for Remove Curse and recharges in 492000 to 240480000 turns.

The ring also gives a moderately large bonus to just one stat much the same as other people have noted before and it gives acid and lightning immunity - should two immunities be on the same item?" - AndyHK

"I just did a test where I went to 50’, cast destruction, light area, put down my lamp. I set the UI option to notify on recharge (which presumably would disturb me when done).

Before activating the ring I was on
Turns Used: 1,573,895
Standard: 306,049
Resting: 187,929

I rested a number of times for the maximum amount you can put in at any one time (9,999 turns) and I did get the message that the ring had recharged.

Turn count:
Turns Used: 1,771,933
Standard 372,049
Resting: 253,274

I don’t actually get the difference between Turns Used and Standard Turns but all up I needed to rest 65,345 before the ring recharged so I don’t think it’s a display bug. It is however well inside what the description on the item tells me the recharge time is. The difference in my Standard Turns now though is 198,038 which is a bit closer to the advertised recharge time.

Angband then crashed when I went to double check the recharge turn count on the ring (maybe because it can’t handle me resting so long)." - AndyHK

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