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Excellent vs splendid

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"Angband 4.0 dev b12bbfe Elvenkind Armor is ignored with the quality setting "Excellent but not splendid". In 3.5 it was not ignored at that setting. My understanding is that items with obvious effects upon wielding automatically qualify as "splendid" and the stealth benefit of elvenkind armor is an obvious effect." - Ingwe Ingweron

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"I'm afraid I'm still getting the "You feel the Pair of Leather Boots of Stealth in your pack is excellent..." bug where some ego-items are self-identifying on pseudo. It seems to affect only egos with stat boosts, and not all types of them: I've seen it occur with boots/cloaks of Stealth, weapons of Extra Attacks and gloves of Agility, but not Blessed/HA/Defender weapons or Dwarven armor. (Common thread is possibly that the affected egos have no other special properties besides the stat boost? So they're items that should fully ID themselves on wielding, but they're doing it early at the pseudo stage for some reason.)" - Nomad

comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by nckmccnnll

Nomad has it exactly correct - it's a problem in object_check_for_ident(), specifically the assumption "if we know all the flags, we know it's an ego"

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Dunno if it's actually the same bug, but near enough

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Fixed in 69f9df6

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