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Activation macro problem

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"Message problem when using a macro for activation of a weapon. This was working previously but has now stopped. I use a keymap of “F” for the action: “[A]ctivate [a] principal weapon [5] target”. It works fine if it is not recharging, however, if it is recharging the message seen on the top of the main screen is “Type ? for help.” while the sub-window messages show the proper message “That item is still charging." If instead of using a macro keymap and you manually type in the sequence Aa5 the correct message does appear at the top of the screen." - Ingwe Ingweron

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Further: " A little more clarity on the activation macro bug. Apparently, it is getting through the first two steps, [A]ctivate, [a] principal weapon, just fine, the same as manual keypresses, but hits the "Type ? for help" problem upon the targeting [5] step. Since the messages are clearing instantly, there is no "More" prompt between the "This item is still charging" and the help signal (nor should there be, since the help signal isn't really a message in the message history [maybe it used to report "illegal ...something or other..."]). I'm still not sure why it used to work but now doesn't."

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This is actually not a problem, but a change in how the commands work - Using the inscription Aa will now have the effect that Aa5 used to.

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