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Inconsistent ID behaviour

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"I've noticed a problem with Rune ID: When I kill a monster, and it scatters stuff on the floor, the newly created stuff does *not* have their Runes identified e.g. when I 'l'ook at it, it just says "Leather armor". However, if I now save the game (cntrl-X) and restart, now the items are Rune identified (e.g. "Leather armor of Resistance"). This is also true when I drink a potion of Enlightenment: all the items on the level are made visible, but not ID'd, but if I save and restore, then all the items on the level are ID'd (even if they are not in line-of-sight). I don't know if this happens with artifacts too, or not.

I'm assuming that the items are supposed to be ID'd immediately (and in particular, any squelched items should never even be seen in the first place), but regardless, the current inconsistent behavior is clearly wrong." - bron

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" I have a weapon of Extra-Attacks in my inventory, but I do not yet know the Rune of attack speed. If I 'I'nspect the weapon before I wield it, the "blows per round" number is nevertheless reported factoring in the extra attacks (i.e. even before I know the Rune)." - bron

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Both fixed in d9cbb1a7

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