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Suggested undead spell for necromancers

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"OK, brainstorming idea:

Low level spell "Tap Unlife"

Autotargets nearest undead monster, including invisible or wall-embedded monsters (Or it isnt much use against early undead which tends to be invisible passwall)

Inflicts damage starting about 2 or 3d4 and scaling up slower than other spells (reasonable early, but insignificant later). But gives the same amount to the caster as mana.

Expected result: early undead become cheap targets and may even be situationally beneficial (if you happen to find one when you need the mana)

Later undead you still have the option of slurping a bit of mana which wont do real damage, but might fuel a real spell.

Completely obsoletes once Power Sacrifice or an unmanagable pile of !mana and _magi make the the whole mana recovery thing laughable. " - kaypy

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"I like the idea of being able to drain lesser undead for some benefit to the caster. What if you could use them for healing? I feel like that would do a good job of making them non-threats in the early game, since any damage they dealt you could heal while also dealing damage to them.

Maybe something like:

  • Drain clvl HP from target unthinking undead monster.
  • If attempted on a thinking (visible to ESP) undead, either it fails outright or they get a strong saving throw.
  • If successful, the spell refunds its SP cost. " - Derakon

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kaypy's version implemented in 09fdd8c25

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