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First cast XP too much

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"Traps give 1 xp on removal but casting a priest spell for the first time from book two typically give you enough for an extra level. Great news except unbalanced. I suggest a review of this (413)" - Thraalbee

Should check this for all classes.

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Also "In development branch (online) playing ranger, the game rewards you with a huge experience bonus when you cast a spell for the very first time. And btw, I have posted the same story way back in June.

Playing gnome ranger, getting level-up every time I cast a new spell except 'Detect Life'. That granted me 30 exp points.
When, however, I did cast 'Cure Poison' immediately after I reached lvl 9. Next level was about 125 experience point away. Instant level-up and very close reaching lvl 11 already.
Then again. Immediately when I reached lvl 12, I memorized and cast 'Resist Poison'. 284 exp points away from lvl 13 and instant level-up.
Now level 14 is 201 exp points away." - Sphara

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That'll do

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