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Make money depth and value less hard-coded

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Currently, the depth and value of money is heavily hard-coded. It would be nice to make it work a bit more like usual objects - each money entry in object.txt has a depth and a value, and when money is requested, pick it in much the same way as you'd pick an item. This also makes it easy to add rarely occurring very large gold drops, which could be set in the object.txt file (so variants can give it a try even if vanilla doesn't).

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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by takkaria

I was actually going to plan on quite a different but similar not-hardcoded approach, with a file specifying pairs of level/average amount in drop values:

level 1, average 20
level 5, average 35
level 15, average 100
level 99, average 20000

Values between those given would be interpolated. So you would choose money as usual from object.txt, but to work out how much there should be, the game would use that mechanism.

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by takkaria

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I did go the opposite approach -- for several reasons.

First, if money was given a rarity like other objects, then it would have to have a very very common rarity -- given that most items have a rarity of 100, gold would have to be somewhere in the tens of thousands, I would have thought. This isn't a problem in itself, but it suggests that there is a dichotomy between how gold and other objects are handled and so handling them the same might not be the wisest choice.

Second, it's easier to balance an approach where the formula is in the code. I don't see any sensible way to have the formula for gold per drop in the object.txt file without writing some sort of small scripting language (something I'm not very interested in), and so having slightly tweakable values in object.txt won't really help anyone do anything interesting.

So, this bug is wontfixed, as of [c14312c] (SVN r889). Thanks for your input, though.

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