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Shop Owners no longer rotate

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Between 3.09 and 3.09b some manner of code was changed that stopped shop owners from changing from time to time. It was far more interesting to know that certain shops might end up having owners of a race that just might favor you more (or less) so you just might get the deal of a lifetime buying (or selling) an item.

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No code relating to shop-keepers has been changed between 3.0.9 and 3.0.9b. The chance of a shop-keeper changing is still 1/25 per day (10000 game-turns), and is implemented in the main store updating loop in dungeon.c (about line 710).

Neither dungeon.c, z-rand.[ch], nor any of the relevant constants in defines.h have been changed.

This ticket should be closed.


comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by roustk@…

I have just verified that it does work -- create a character, buy pile of food in town, go to 50', rest and eat until out of food. When I returned to town (after 640K turns), four shop-keepers had changed. Version is reported ('V' in-game) as 3.0.9b.

Note that you have to be in the dungeon on a multiple-of-10000 turn for the shopkeepers to have any chance of rotating.


comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by Maikeru Go

This is rather peculiar as I've done 5 consecutive dives down to level 35 (as a level 37 paladin who practically crawls due to too much heavy gear) into the dungeon for long enough to "clear" all the creatures out of the dungeon level (well at least the ones that were spawned when the level was generated plus a few random spawns) and have come up with the exact same shop owners each time. I suppose this may just be bad fortune on part of my character. I just found it rather peculiar that I kept getting Mauglin for the Armour Shop, Rincewind for the General Store, Lo-Hak for the Black Market, and Ithyl-Mak for the Weapon Shop. I suppose I'll dive, rest and satiate my hunger for 10000 turns, then return to see if things have changed.

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