18:21 Ticket #111 (Record a new set of sound effects, under a permissive BSD-style licence) created by takkaria
Not quite sure if this belongs here, but since I have some interest in …
17:35 Ticket #109 (Remove unused ports) closed by takkaria
17:35 Ticket #110 (Slim down number of ports further) created by takkaria
Nuke: * main-xaw -- Unix X11 Xaw toolkit Keep: * main-gcu -- …
17:35 Ticket #109 (Remove unused ports) created by takkaria
Following the poll results on r.g.r.a, there are probably a few frontends …
17:25 Ticket #37 (Split up externs.h into other headers, to allow less recompiling) closed by takkaria
17:19 Ticket #32 (Replace the current autoroller with Antiband/Zangband's) closed by takkaria
09:13 Ticket #108 (Fix RISC OS port) created by ajps
main-ros.c needs mouse support adding at the very least (done in [d98d6ae] …


19:57 Ticket #107 (OS X UI bugs) created by pmac
Some bugs from "Omnipact" - (graphics mode) visible monsters aren't …


19:34 Ticket #106 (Make graphics, sound options in-game options) created by takkaria
Adds more options, but makes life easier for X11/XAW/etc. users. …
18:38 Ticket #105 (Better keymap UI) created by takkaria
From Ben's notes (clean up): * Better interface to the "macro" command, …
18:20 Ticket #104 (show_file() needs fixing) created by takkaria
Needs to be able to use ARROW_UP/ARROW_DOWN for scrolling, amongst other …


20:07 Ticket #102 (compile.txt is badly out of date (wrong), and the wiki BuildSystem needs ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed with [f35b292] (SVN r83).
18:27 Ticket #103 (Have a DOS/IBM port available) created by takkaria
Ideally using cross-compiling tools.
12:33 Ticket #102 (compile.txt is badly out of date (wrong), and the wiki BuildSystem needs ...) created by pmac


10:42 Ticket #61 (Improve autotools support (use OMK)) closed by takkaria
09:54 Ticket #101 (Improve messages a la NPP) created by anonymous
Improve messages a la NPP see here …
06:11 Ticket #100 (Remove '@' macro command; replace with submenu in options menu) closed by takkaria
fixed: Also, remove the two confusing options from the knowledge screens. Fixed …
06:11 Ticket #99 (Add angband.rogueforge.net to splash page.) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [93ef859] (SVN r73).
01:31 Ticket #100 (Remove '@' macro command; replace with submenu in options menu) created by pmac
I almost never use '@', and it wastes a nice keymap value. Unless there …
01:00 Ticket #96 (Fix macro screen) closed by pmac
fixed: Fixed. Also fixed Macro Trigger echo problem (present in all variants)


23:44 Ticket #99 (Add angband.rogueforge.net to splash page.) created by pmac
It sure would be nice if bugs got reported here rather than at the …
21:48 Ticket #98 (Allow squelch of unknown flavors.) created by pmac
If I know something is a scroll of trap creation or a ring of …
21:29 Ticket #5 (Unify in-game menus as far as possible) closed by pmac
21:25 Ticket #97 (Outstanding menus to fix) created by pmac
Converting to the API: * item selection (inven/equip/floor) Port to a new …
17:53 Ticket #93 (Add mouse support for other platforms) closed by takkaria
fixed: Closed with [c4e1b70] (SVN r69).
17:25 Ticket #96 (Fix macro screen) created by takkaria
Macro menu currently isn't displayed and is unuseable.
14:06 WikiStart edited by takkaria
Add useful links to the front page. (diff)
06:13 Ticket #95 (Create a cross-platform API for directory scanning) created by takkaria
ToME had one, and so we have code for Windows, DOS, and Unix at least.


22:17 Ticket #94 (birth screen bugs) closed by pmac
22:13 Ticket #94 (birth screen bugs) created by pmac
Add selections to birth menus (request from newsgroup) Fix bogus selection …
18:45 Ticket #15 (Move windows-specific files to win/ subdirectory) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [0f82d75] (SVN r65).
18:19 Ticket #17 (Add mouse support) closed by takkaria
13:37 Ticket #27 (Cut down and rearrange options) closed by takkaria
fixed: Will file new bugs for the two remaining problems if I don't fix them in …


19:10 Ticket #93 (Add mouse support for other platforms) created by pmac
Import the platform-specific code from: * …
18:49 Ticket #92 (Fix GTK2 port) created by takkaria
11:45 Ticket #89 (Current equipment not redrawn properly in stats panel) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed
07:20 Ticket #6 (Incorporate takkaria's new store code) closed by takkaria
fixed: Imported and all that. Bugs are in #91.
06:59 Ticket #90 (Save file consistency broken) closed by takkaria
fixed: I checked the game worked with 3.0.7s savefiles, and thought when I had it …
02:17 Ticket #91 (Store bugs) created by pmac
Fixed: - help should collapse away when using small screens - weirdness …


21:54 Ticket #90 (Save file consistency broken) created by pmac
I just updated my build from ~[199d965] (SVN r35) or so--I can no longer …
21:45 Ticket #89 (Current equipment not redrawn properly in stats panel) created by pmac
The row of pictures is redrawn with R, but disappears when the character …
16:58 Ticket #88 (Change lantern/torch behaviour and features) created by takkaria
15:34 Ticket #87 (Prompt for overwriting an existing savefile) created by elsairon@…
This kills characters occasionally, and shouldn't be so hard to do in a …
15:20 Ticket #86 (testing ability to ticket anonymously) closed by takkaria
15:20 Ticket #86 (testing ability to ticket anonymously) created by anonymous
07:19 Ticket #52 (Simplify (at least condense) obscure options) closed by takkaria
fixed: See [f5f7228] (SVN r50). Macros still have their own key; that's OK.


14:17 Ticket #85 (Use Mr. Att logo on all platforms) created by takkaria
How's this for branding?


15:28 Ticket #22 (Turn next_xp option on permanently) closed by takkaria
duplicate: Duplicate of #27


12:07 Ticket #84 (Remove cptr from the game, replace with const char * everywhere) created by takkaria
It makes things a bit wordier, but it's actually a lot clearer what's …


19:49 Ticket #83 (Always use numbers for the labels of spellbooks in the inventory) created by takkaria
Always number class-specific spellbooks in the inventory with 1-8, …
19:33 Ticket #72 (Remove CHECK_TIME option) closed by takkaria
fixed: Closed with [80c4f31] (SVN r38).
19:29 Ticket #75 (Panic saves shouldn't overwrite normal savefiles) closed by takkaria
19:26 Ticket #82 (Write Angband coding guidelines) created by takkaria
Codify the set of guidelines that the game currently follows wrt. code …
19:01 Ticket #81 (Allow Angband to work on 16-row displays) created by takkaria
This requires: 1. the inventory to wrap onto two rows when necessary 2. …


20:47 Ticket #16 (Create proper website) closed by takkaria
duplicate: Fixed along with #59.
20:47 Ticket #59 (angband.rogueforge.net needs a homepage) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed. This can evolve as necessary, but for now it seems just fine.
18:31 Ticket #74 (Add reference counting to the quarks package) closed by takkaria
duplicate: Whoops. Didn't notice I'd already filed this one.
18:28 Ticket #80 (Add main-gba.c) created by takkaria
Yes, a Gameboy Advance SP port. Should be possible, as long as: * pref …
18:23 Ticket #79 (Add main-net.c) created by takkaria
One that sends/receives updates via TCP/IP. This allows slim clients on …
18:17 Ticket #78 (Improve monster behaviour and AI) created by takkaria
Consider importing (at least part of) the 4GAI. Otherwise: * Allow …
18:17 Ticket #77 (Add new room and level types) created by takkaria
e.g. FA's chamber levels [http://angband.oook.cz/screen-show.php?id=1286
18:16 Ticket #76 (Assign graphical tiles to the new monsters and objects) created by takkaria
18:15 Ticket #75 (Panic saves shouldn't overwrite normal savefiles) created by takkaria
18:15 Ticket #74 (Add reference counting to the quarks package) created by takkaria
18:13 Ticket #73 (Unify line of sight and projection paths) created by takkaria


18:01 Ticket #72 (Remove CHECK_TIME option) created by takkaria


09:09 Ticket #71 (A "give me a random, reasonably playable character" button) created by takkaria
Choose reasonable stats, and a race, class, and name. Shouldn't be too …


14:04 Ticket #70 (Use a new file header for all-GPL files) created by takkaria
Using the following boilerplate: […] As part of this, I'll have to do …
14:03 Ticket #69 (Unify Makefile.dos, Makefile.ibm, and Makefile.con) created by takkaria
13:22 Ticket #60 (Simplify the code for timed player effects) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [b95c26a] (SVN r24).
10:22 Ticket #68 (Improve the scorefile format, and the method of scoring) created by takkaria
Use a cleverer method of scoring, which is incremented over the course of …
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