21:08 Ticket #390 (X11 and GTK ports use 100% CPU) created by ekolis
The X11 and GTK ports are really slow now (especially the GTK port - the …
21:07 Ticket #389 ("d" used twice in options menu) created by ekolis
The "d" key is used twice in the options menu, once for birth-options and …
15:16 Ticket #382 (When a shop does not want anything, a message should be displayed when ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [d2ac2e2] (SVN r559).
15:12 Ticket #378 (Clone and Fear effect switched) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [3a32a2c] (SVN r558).
15:09 Ticket #375 (Remove autoscum) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [f6cd797] (SVN r557).
15:01 Ticket #363 (Stores should have their own "examine" command) closed by takkaria
fixed: closed [df68197] (SVN r556).
14:49 Ticket #359 (Light descriptions misleading) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [aec2c36] (SVN r555).
14:47 Ticket #347 (Won't autopickup items autoinscribed with !*) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [cca9cf3] (SVN r554); hopefully fixed.
14:45 Ticket #336 (Installer does not copy angband.glade to proper directory) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [e68aaa2] (SVN r553).
14:33 Ticket #292 (Menus should use 1234567890 as little as possible for "tags".) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [e412acc] (SVN r552)


06:56 Ticket #388 (The saving of colours in the .prf file seems to be broken) created by anonymous
Load game Interact with colours in some obvious way (white to cyan …


14:05 Ticket #358 (Need some indication of maximum burden in UI) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [c8fac35] (SVN r549).
13:27 Ticket #349 (Add lib/xtra/mr_att.png to lib/xtra/graf) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [b05c184] (SVN r545).
12:03 Ticket #387 (No obvious indication of whether SDL sound is turned on using ./configure) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [290dbc3] (SVN r548)
12:03 Ticket #387 (No obvious indication of whether SDL sound is turned on using ./configure) created by takkaria
... which is essentially the problem reported at …


09:16 Ticket #386 (Monster flow has no range to speak of) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in [ef72382] (SVN r547).


11:18 Ticket #386 (Monster flow has no range to speak of) created by zaimoni@…
Just learned this was a bug on RGRA: #define MONSTER_FLOW_DEPTH 3 was …


01:11 Ticket #385 (Player position moves sometimes when opening player file) created by Adam Randall <randalla@…>
It seems that randomly, the player starting position when opening a saved …


23:56 Ticket #384 (OS X: Problem opening Angband using Quicksilver) created by Adam Randall <randalla@…>
I use the app launcher Quicksilver. Unfortunately, I cannot use it with …
23:52 Ticket #383 (Need ability to disable navigation in stores) created by Adam Randall <randalla@…>
Before 3.0.8, there was no navigation in the stores using the arrow keys …
23:49 Ticket #382 (When a shop does not want anything, a message should be displayed when ...) created by Adam Randall <randalla@…>
In the general store, I was trying to sell back some torches. Hitting s …
23:47 Ticket #381 (OS X: Player open dialog cannot be targetted by keyboard) created by Adam Randall <randalla@…>
When I choose to open a file in Angband (CMD-O at startup), the window …
23:45 Ticket #380 (OS X: Cannot open player file outside of Angband itself) created by Adam Randall <randalla@…>
In 3.0.6, it was possible to open a player file a number of ways: From …


06:30 Ticket #379 (Average spell damage when browsing.) created by morth@…
It would be nice if the description of spells (when browsing) displayed …
02:13 Ticket #378 (Clone and Fear effect switched) created by Big Al
In effects.c: […] which seems obviously wrong.


04:52 Ticket #377 (Too many hacks?) created by shanoah@…
The current code, as of revision 543, has no less then 1212 occurrences of …


08:00 Ticket #376 (Odd stacking bug) created by takkaria
Basically, two spellbooks seem not to be stacking at all. Upgrade …
07:37 WikiStart edited by takkaria
07:34 WikiStart edited by takkaria
07:21 Ticket #375 (Remove autoscum) created by takkaria
05:38 Ticket #374 (Add "closest valid target" action when targetting) created by takkaria
Perhaps assign it to the ' key.
05:37 Ticket #373 (Help prevent offscreen deaths) created by takkaria
Consider a "keep visible monsters on screen" option -- or at least, "when …
05:36 Ticket #372 (New panel change behaviour) created by takkaria
Some way to scroll the map by increments other than half-screen widths …
05:33 Ticket #371 (Make Banishment and Mass Banishment sound less alike) created by takkaria
Suggestions from r.g.r.a: * mass banishment -> word of solitude / zone of …


19:10 Ticket #370 (Rangers should have reduced chance of arrow breakage) created by takkaria
Perhaps rangers or bow skill generally. Link to player level in some way.
17:59 Ticket #369 (Reconsider healing potion arrangement) created by takkaria
Link to Andrew Doull's post, adopt ideas from there. Try fixing the …
14:59 Ticket #368 (main-gcu should support dynamic resizing) created by takkaria
see how e.g. nano does it.
14:59 Ticket #367 (Prompt for which ring to replace when wearing two) created by takkaria
If you are wearing two rings, you should have a prompt as to which one to …
14:03 Ticket #366 (Different effects should have different names, and the same effect should ...) created by takkaria
Always. From r.g.r.a: * If the spell name is <noun>, then the magical …
13:58 Ticket #365 (Autoconf issues) created by takkaria
At the moment, the global install doesn't do setgid properly, and …
13:57 Ticket #364 (Weapons need to be priced in line with their damage-dealing ability) created by takkaria
ATM: […] The first bow sells for twice as much because the Extra Might …
13:44 Ticket #363 (Stores should have their own "examine" command) created by takkaria
So that 'I' in a store looks at the spell listing of an item, but with …
13:43 Ticket #362 (Running over long corridors triggers redraw bug) created by takkaria
"I turned center_player on, I run log twisting corridor. Corridor was over …
13:42 Ticket #361 ('K' key doesn't drop things with squelch) created by takkaria
As above.
13:42 Ticket #360 (Pickup issue with full inventory and no light) created by takkaria
When trying to pick up with a full inventory and no light, the game just …
13:41 Ticket #359 (Light descriptions misleading) created by takkaria
I found "Descriptions of lights still appear to be misleading" in my …
13:32 Ticket #358 (Need some indication of maximum burden in UI) created by takkaria
- Allow percentage weight display in inventory? - At minimum, display …
13:29 Ticket #357 (Smaller pseudo-ID changes) created by takkaria
- Items pseudo-ID'd as {average} should act as ID'd items (e.g. stack …
13:26 Ticket #356 (Test rig for dungeon generation) created by takkaria
Implement a statistics generator for the dungeon: - collects data on how …
12:56 Ticket #355 (High Charisma should make monsters more likely to flee from player damage) created by takkaria
"In Unangband, high charisma increases the probability of monsters fleeing …
11:43 Ticket #354 (Add keep_room_on_screen option) created by takkaria
Add a keep_room_on_screen that makes sure that the entire of the current …
11:38 Ticket #353 (Make dungeon spellbooks into artifacts) created by takkaria
This might require a little hackery. Make sure they show up enough. Make …
11:38 Ticket #352 (Change probing behaviour) created by takkaria
Make rods rarer and up the mana for the priest spell. Make it give info …
11:36 Ticket #351 (Food changes (again)) created by takkaria
Mushrooms of Clear Mind should also cure hallucination. +rConf Rename …
11:31 Ticket #350 (Scroll changes) created by takkaria
- Merge DetTreasure? + DetObjects?, extend over whole level - Scroll of …


06:48 Ticket #349 (Add lib/xtra/mr_att.png to lib/xtra/graf) created by takkaria
This is needed for the next batch of GTK changes.


19:30 Ticket #158 (Remove *ID*) closed by takkaria
fixed: done in [6b76c1b] (SVN r532)


13:29 Ticket #348 (Improve UI abstractions) created by ajps
Do a better job of abstracting the "game" from the UI used to control it, …
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