21:03 Ticket #405 (Fix the pesky "overwrite existing savefile?" prompt so it doesn't appear ...) created by shanoah
Any time you start a new character in svn(current revision [d147726] (SVN …


22:47 Ticket #404 (crash when squelching floor object) created by ChodTheWacko
Go to the rod in front of the magic store, and attempt to squelch it via: …
22:17 Ticket #403 (Phial's description is wrong) created by ChodTheWacko
object Inspection says: When activated, it ! (empty *desc) field in …


05:32 Ticket #402 (svn missing file wizard.h) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [8bcc3ed] (SVN r605).
05:31 Ticket #335 (SDL port can't find font files when installed globally) closed by takkaria
fixed: Thanks for that. Closing.


07:17 Ticket #402 (svn missing file wizard.h) created by anonymous
Revision 595 changed cmd0.c and wizard.c to include the wizard.h file, but …


02:44 Ticket #401 (Gondolin's light description is wrong) created by ChodTheWacko
With the new short description, Gondolin's desc is wrong, it just says: …
01:54 Ticket #400 (Make graphics less hardcoded) created by shanoah
Currently, there are several places where case statements are used to …
01:42 Ticket #337 (GTK port shows no animations) closed by shanoah
fixed: Fixed as of revision [6603c09] (SVN r560).
00:35 Ticket #392 (Savefile crashes GTK port) closed by shanoah
worksforme: Though I understand there is a Windows port of Gtk, no, not at the present …


19:48 Ticket #315 (Hidden squelchables show up in the "get item" menu when part of piles.) closed by takkaria
fixed: [a3ba532] (SVN r603) fixed this.
18:58 Ticket #305 (hide_squelchable acts odd for items in your inventory) closed by takkaria
fixed: [1665cf4] (SVN r602) fixes this
17:42 Ticket #357 (Smaller pseudo-ID changes) closed by takkaria
fixed: [be69ef1] (SVN r594) does the first one
16:22 Ticket #399 (Make object descriptions somewhat more terse) created by takkaria
... as a precursor to fiddling with the monster recall display.
16:03 Ticket #390 (X11 and GTK ports use 100% CPU) closed by takkaria
15:41 Ticket #319 (problem with autopickup) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed (hopefully) [12c7349] (SVN r589)
15:31 Ticket #92 (Fix GTK2 port) closed by takkaria


20:44 Ticket #398 (Enhance the Gtk2 port) created by shanoah
Implement most of all of the enhancements described in …
12:22 Ticket #344 (p_ptr->command_wrk not reset in get_item()) closed by takkaria
wontfix: The feature is actually useful when e.g. examining objects in your …
12:18 Ticket #396 (Preserve flag mislabelled in character dumps) closed by takkaria
fixed: [2f97a70] (SVN r586) fixes this.
11:47 Ticket #365 (Autoconf issues) closed by takkaria
fixed: [2cc0243] (SVN r582) fixes this.


16:39 Ticket #397 (can't activate objects) closed by takkaria
fixed: [cd34adf] (SVN r579)
12:15 Ticket #397 (can't activate objects) created by ChodTheWacko
trying to activate anything in 9/14 build onwards always fails with 'you …


23:31 Ticket #396 (Preserve flag mislabelled in character dumps) created by roustk@…
Bug is in line 331 of option.c (as of revision 570): […] These strings …


10:49 Ticket #346 (IDing rods by use) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [5afc37b] (SVN r577).
10:44 Ticket #388 (The saving of colours in the .prf file seems to be broken) closed by takkaria
fixed: Already fixed in 3.1.0. Thanks for catching, though!
10:42 Ticket #389 ("d" used twice in options menu) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [7312605] (SVN r575) and [2d230ee] (SVN r576)
10:38 Ticket #391 (crash in message_add) closed by takkaria


16:57 Ticket #395 (buying cure serious wounds doen't indicate how many you have) created by anonymous
In temple. See attached save. Not a big deal, kinda odd how it works for …
16:31 Ticket #394 (keymap/option files no longer append.) created by anonymous
They now overwrite the files completely. Not fun to save your options then …
16:11 Ticket #393 (crash in 9-14 build) created by ChodTheWacko
The program got a segv and died. I don't remember what i was doing - I …


12:36 Ticket #392 (Savefile crashes GTK port) created by ekolis
This savefile seems to crash the GTK port - I was playing merrily along in …


18:29 Ticket #391 (crash in message_add) created by peter.wiersig@…
I hit a software bug earlier this day and recompiled svn [6603c09] (SVN …


21:08 Ticket #390 (X11 and GTK ports use 100% CPU) created by ekolis
The X11 and GTK ports are really slow now (especially the GTK port - the …
21:07 Ticket #389 ("d" used twice in options menu) created by ekolis
The "d" key is used twice in the options menu, once for birth-options and …
15:16 Ticket #382 (When a shop does not want anything, a message should be displayed when ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [d2ac2e2] (SVN r559).
15:12 Ticket #378 (Clone and Fear effect switched) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [3a32a2c] (SVN r558).
15:09 Ticket #375 (Remove autoscum) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [f6cd797] (SVN r557).
15:01 Ticket #363 (Stores should have their own "examine" command) closed by takkaria
fixed: closed [df68197] (SVN r556).
14:49 Ticket #359 (Light descriptions misleading) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [aec2c36] (SVN r555).
14:47 Ticket #347 (Won't autopickup items autoinscribed with !*) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [cca9cf3] (SVN r554); hopefully fixed.
14:45 Ticket #336 (Installer does not copy angband.glade to proper directory) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [e68aaa2] (SVN r553).
14:33 Ticket #292 (Menus should use 1234567890 as little as possible for "tags".) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [e412acc] (SVN r552)
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