21:46 Ticket #70 (Use a new file header for all-GPL files) closed by takkaria
fixed: OK. This is done.
21:41 Ticket #406 (Indestructible pseudoid endows later items with heavy pseudoid) closed by takkaria
21:31 Ticket #420 (Fix ammo display details after missile changes) created by takkaria
[d1055bd] (SVN r429) introduced this.
21:28 Ticket #376 (Odd stacking bug) closed by takkaria
worksforme: How really very odd. I hope this never crops up again, since I don't know …
21:01 Ticket #263 (DET_RADIUS should be a function of caster level) closed by takkaria
fixed: Rectangular detection effect now instated; I think this adequately solves …
20:55 Ticket #405 (Fix the pesky "overwrite existing savefile?" prompt so it doesn't appear ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [69033b9] (SVN r640).
19:21 Ticket #419 (Wands and rods should scale damage in proportion with user's magic device ...) created by takkaria
This would make them useful for longer.
19:11 Ticket #418 (Add timed detections (i.e. non-monster ESP)) created by takkaria
They could be useful and cool effects for some items, though probably not …
18:16 Ticket #10 (Notes patch) closed by takkaria
fixed: [e91e90c] (SVN r636) commits this.


18:08 Ticket #415 (Move from !randint() or randint() == 0 to one_in_()) closed by takkaria
fixed: Patch supplied by Kenneth 'Bessarion' Boyd, committed as [8214c04] (SVN …
17:16 Ticket #417 (Move death code to death.c and clean it up) closed by takkaria
fixed: [44dd287] (SVN r632) closes this.
16:36 Ticket #417 (Move death code to death.c and clean it up) created by takkaria
16:04 Ticket #416 (Make the death display use a scrollable menu) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [a0fca44] (SVN r630).
16:03 Ticket #416 (Make the death display use a scrollable menu) created by takkaria
It would make life a bit easier for small-screen users at some point, too, …
12:32 Ticket #415 (Move from !randint() or randint() == 0 to one_in_()) created by takkaria
This is a source-wide thing. […]
12:22 Ticket #414 (Import UnAngband's easy_more option) created by takkaria
00:12 Ticket #385 (Player position moves sometimes when opening player file) closed by takkaria
worksforme: I can't reproduce this at all. Closing.


23:33 Ticket #413 (game-event.c segfaults) created by takkaria
If you need more details, please talk to me.
21:28 Ticket #412 (Monster list is hallucination-proof) created by Kenneth "Bessarion" Boyd <zaimoni@…>
Actually, not sure this is a bug. The monster list gives completely …
20:55 Ticket #411 (./angband -s no longer displays highscores) created by takkaria
On linux, this is.
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