22:34 Ticket #538 (Add the tvals for oil and dragon armor to the tval squelch list) closed by GabeCunningham
18:37 Ticket #432 (Negative gold when buying from store) closed by GabeCunningham
15:04 Ticket #543 (Sort out balance after changes to bow damage) created by takkaria
Make it easier for ammo to have inflated damage dice, and lower the huge …
15:00 Ticket #542 (Disturb on reaching full mana/HP) created by takkaria
Eddie Grove wrote: > I wonder if anyone besides me would be interested in …
14:59 Ticket #541 (Monster recall needs better vulnerablity display) created by takkaria
Vulnerabilities are currently recorded only when you manage to hurt …
14:05 Ticket #540 (Fix up Narya et al.) created by takkaria
See both: http://angband.oook.cz/rgra.php?showpost=124744
13:53 Ticket #539 (Fix colour saving) created by takkaria
The game doesn't currently save colours in pref files after modification. …
13:52 Ticket #538 (Add the tvals for oil and dragon armor to the tval squelch list) created by takkaria
Add the tvals for oil and dragon armor to the tval squelch list. This …
13:30 Ticket #537 (ARROW_* attacks should not always hit) created by takkaria
Kenneth 'Bessarion' Boyd wrote: > Even with the player's damage reduction …
13:17 Ticket #536 (Stepping next to a sleeping monster should not allow it to wake up *and* ...) created by takkaria
Eddie Grove wrote: > I wonder if this is just me, or if others share my …
13:15 Ticket #535 (Mages should always have mana available) created by takkaria
Eddie Grove wrote: (private correspondance) > I decided to try a …
10:44 Ticket #534 (Rework critical hits) created by takkaria
At the moment, they're pretty rubbish, so rework them such that they're …
10:18 Ticket #533 (Chart the mana-vs.-damage distribution for mages and priests) created by takkaria
This, alongside a comparison of warriors at equivalent points, should …
10:11 Ticket #532 (Monster recall should make better use of colour) created by takkaria
Timo quote (again!): Color should have some meaning like warning lights. …
09:59 Ticket #531 (Show more direct statistics on the character screen, incl. Energy) created by takkaria
Quoting (Timo?): For game mechanics unrelated to either monsters or items …
09:57 Ticket #530 (Allow reviewing the contents of the home from the knowledge screens.) created by takkaria
dupe of #256
09:56 Ticket #529 (Make the object recall term window far more useful) created by takkaria
Right now, it only displays books -- make it stick onto whatever item was …
09:55 Ticket #528 (Nearby objects should be listed in the monster list, a la Sangband) created by takkaria
09:54 Ticket #527 (Add a monster light patch) created by takkaria
pelpel wrote one for Nangband a while ago, and this would be the one to …
09:49 Ticket #457 (Keep the files required to make a debian distribution in SVN) closed by takkaria
fixed: [b61438e] (SVN r782) introduced these. Not perfect, but see #519 for …
09:25 Ticket #526 (Purge some artifacts) created by takkaria
It is often complained that some artifacts are useless. I don't …
09:21 Ticket #525 (Remove gain charisma/lose another stat potion with earlier Charisma ...) created by takkaria
quoting (Eddie, I think?) from r.g.r.a: Since charisma is so useless, I'd …
09:13 Ticket #524 (Avoid using atexit()) created by takkaria
A couple of places in the code currently use this -- fix them.
09:12 Ticket #523 (Import FA's get_item() and get_spell() menu-ified functions) created by takkaria
09:11 Ticket #522 (Reconsider the three-potion system) created by takkaria
CCW is still far too rare. Suggest toning down CSW and CCW, and removing …


18:47 Ticket #494 (Some typos) closed by GabeCunningham


20:35 Ticket #521 (strange startup hang problem on XP) created by ChodTheWacko
For whatever reason, Angband hangs on my machine during startup if I have …
10:50 Ticket #520 (Pref files seem not to be being saved properly) created by takkaria
Further details, please see …
09:37 Ticket #519 (Get the debian bits to the point where they can be autobuilt) created by takkaria
Right now, they at least build an installable package, but other work …


16:15 Ticket #518 (Maintain savefile compatibility when editing monster.txt) created by GabeCunningham
In my personal copy, I'm working on moving monsters around (so that they …
16:09 Ticket #517 (Make money depth and value less hard-coded) created by GabeCunningham
Currently, the depth and value of money is heavily hard-coded. It would be …
14:15 Ticket #442 (Allow squelching of flasks of oil) closed by GabeCunningham


22:15 Ticket #516 (Feature Request: Make 'repeat last command' only repeat in-game commands) created by Big Al <Big Al>
I use the n key a *lot* when playing (ie. repeat last command), but there …
14:50 Ticket #515 (Disallow debug chars on the high score list) created by Big Al <Big Al>
Characters that were edited using debug commands should not be allowed on …


20:02 Ticket #514 (Carry across autoconfigure fix) created by takkaria
19:59 Ticket #338 (Mac OS X Open Dialogbox) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [6a168bf] (SVN r778).
19:59 Ticket #381 (OS X: Player open dialog cannot be targetted by keyboard) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [6a168bf] (SVN r778).
19:56 Ticket #487 (OS X: Complicated 'Open Game' bug) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [a320bbf] (SVN r777).
19:44 Ticket #507 (./configure doesn't seem to detect the lack of ncurses development ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [2e474f7] (SVN r776).
19:01 Ticket #270 (No transparency for items/player/monsters) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed in [d02785b] (SVN r767).
17:34 Ticket #513 (Allow platform ports to provide a native save-box for character dumps.) created by takkaria
17:29 Ticket #512 (Make browsing the knowledge screen easier) created by Big Al <Big Al>
With the new menus in 3.0.9 in the knowledge screens, there's no way to …
17:15 Ticket #511 (OS X: Problem "Hiding" Angband) created by Big Al <Big Al>
When you hide angband (via menu or typing cmd-H) and reopen it, all the …
16:22 Ticket #495 (Not all effects are handled) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [510891e] (SVN r763), [403fe08] (SVN r752), and [16f1d78] (SVN …
16:17 Ticket #504 (Compiler warnings (MacOS, r754)) closed by takkaria
fixed: I'm pretty sure all of these have been fixed now, except EF_PROBE, which …
16:07 Ticket #422 (The new dungeon code seems to have broken the connected stair code) closed by GabeCunningham
14:05 Ticket #510 (Monsters shouldn't be able to drop items branded against them.) created by takkaria
The idea that monsters can't pick up items which are branded against them …
14:04 Ticket #509 (Make "detect magic" a useful spell) created by takkaria
Eddie suggests pseudo-IDing everything in LOS would be a good way to go …


17:33 Ticket #508 (MacOS: main-x11.c uses #define rather than typedef to define uint) created by roustk@…
Line 97 of [533b839] (SVN r755) main-x11.c: […] On MacOS 10.5.2 (at …


17:16 Ticket #407 (Messages when not sensing anything?) closed by GabeCunningham
15:41 Ticket #507 (./configure doesn't seem to detect the lack of ncurses development ...) created by takkaria
Found this on the forum; see …
13:53 Ticket #506 (MacOS: Keep SVN Angband from interfering with other versions) created by roustk@…
When I compiled a new version of Angband from SVN last night, I found that …
00:32 Ticket #505 (OS X: Beachball crash for r754 opening v3.0.9 savefile with randarts) created by roustk@…
Simple sequence which reliably crashes [7f01f7f] (SVN r754) under MacOS …


23:37 Ticket #504 (Compiler warnings (MacOS, r754)) created by roustk@…
Compiler warnings for [7f01f7f] (SVN r754) (under MacOS 10.5.2): 01) …
16:06 Ticket #395 (buying cure serious wounds doen't indicate how many you have) closed by GabeCunningham


18:56 Ticket #401 (Gondolin's light description is wrong) closed by GabeCunningham
18:49 Ticket #499 (Many wrong effect descriptions) closed by GabeCunningham
18:29 Ticket #459 (Potions of Brawn sometimes have bad description, lower strength) closed by GabeCunningham
18:24 Ticket #424 (Reorder Monster List) closed by GabeCunningham
18:21 Ticket #360 (Pickup issue with full inventory and no light) closed by GabeCunningham
13:31 Ticket #503 (Resuscitate screen dumps from within stores) created by Kenneth 'Bessarion' Boyd <zaimoni@…>
Strictly, this is for V3.0.9a, but as the problem appears to be the new …


19:06 Ticket #502 (Using the new flavours proposed on the forum?) created by anonymous
It might be a nice idea to use the new flavours proposed by James Doyle at …


08:56 Ticket #501 (Add method of death to the character dump.) created by CunningGabe
Evidently NPP and FA do this already. …


22:37 Ticket #500 (Some of the help files have CR+LF and some have only LF) created by Big Al <Big Al>
I know that the help files will be getting revamped soon, but for now, …


19:32 Ticket #499 (Many wrong effect descriptions) created by CunningGabe
I think something happened with the splitting out into list-effects or the …
15:49 Ticket #498 (Average damage not correct for items in pack [Was: Number of blows not ...) created by CunningGabe
My unmodified strength is currently 18/134 and dex is 18/67. I'm currently …
15:34 Ticket #497 (store.c: buy with g/p broken in roguelike keyset) created by roustk@…
Problem lies at 2615 in store.c. The roguelike side of the switch was not …


23:59 Ticket #440 (Add a potion of resist poison?) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [5e92478] (SVN r732) & [ce7285f] (SVN r733).
23:45 Ticket #446 ((?) Add Scroll of Charge Mastery) closed by takkaria
wontfix: This was an idea but I think a better one is just to make x uses of a sval …
23:44 Ticket #496 (Awareness of wand/staff kind should give info about # of charges) created by takkaria
Fairly easy to fix, this one; just add F:EASY_KNOW to all the wands and …
23:43 Ticket #495 (Not all effects are handled) created by takkaria
23:41 Ticket #492 (!*!*!* only prompts once on an inscription) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed, quite elegantly, in [467e335] (SVN r729).
23:09 Ticket #490 (!CCW too rare) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [c91477c] (SVN r727).
22:58 Ticket #411 (./angband -s no longer displays highscores) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [47bf01e] (SVN r726) by just not mentioning that this ever …
18:06 Ticket #494 (Some typos) created by CunningGabe
* When examining some {magical} ammo, the description reads in part: "You …
08:32 Ticket #423 (Bigscreen support for self-knowledge screen) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [ab470b3] (SVN r725). Thanks!
05:40 Ticket #438 (Using 'K' on a floor item tries to drop it anyway, resulting in (nothing)s) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [e6196ca] (SVN r724).
05:23 Ticket #410 (Period missing after charging rod message) closed by takkaria
fixed: You can't zap uncharged rods anymore, so this bug in a weird …
05:21 Ticket #403 (Phial's description is wrong) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [3a2c422] (SVN r723). Thanks for the report!
05:12 Ticket #408 (Small ID bug) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [b4a14a1] (SVN r721). Thanks for the report!
04:38 Ticket #460 (CLW etc description misleading) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [05f4215] (SVN r718). Thanks!
04:35 Ticket #450 (Level feelings broken) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [9367195] (SVN r717).
04:27 Ticket #453 (Normal hard studded leather pseudo-ids as {magical}) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [9ca48ed] (SVN r710), as per your patch. Thanks!
04:25 Ticket #361 ('K' key doesn't drop things with squelch) closed by takkaria
fixed: This was fixed a while ago.
04:21 Ticket #344 (p_ptr->command_wrk not reset in get_item()) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fix in [5357a17] (SVN r715). If you have any further problems, please …
04:18 Ticket #344 (p_ptr->command_wrk not reset in get_item()) reopened by takkaria
My bad. I initially thought this was a good thing, turns out it's not. …


12:53 Ticket #493 (Windows port doesn't save when computer shut down) created by takkaria


02:38 Ticket #492 (!*!*!* only prompts once on an inscription) created by takkaria
02:32 Ticket #491 (Inventory should be the default display when selling or dropping ...) created by takkaria
02:31 Ticket #490 (!CCW too rare) created by takkaria
02:29 Ticket #489 (DTrap status indicator should be a more visible colour than dark green) created by takkaria
01:28 Ticket #488 (Make monster status changes (confuse/sleep/scare) effective and useful) created by takkaria
At the moment these effects can be painfully useless. Suggestions: * Up …
01:09 Ticket #439 (Armour with negative to-hit gets classed as "magical") closed by takkaria
duplicate: dup of #453.
00:41 Ticket #487 (OS X: Complicated 'Open Game' bug) created by Big Al <Big Al>
Here's what I did (in the latest build of angband for Mac OS X): 1. I …


20:05 Ticket #486 (Stop Enter in shops buying items) created by takkaria
This prevents accidental multiple-buy problems.
11:15 Ticket #485 (Add new curses: pval-flipping curse) created by takkaria
11:14 Ticket #484 (Add new curses: cannot-drop curse) created by takkaria
11:10 Ticket #483 (Factor out the device failure rate calculation into a seperate function ...) created by takkaria
This allows "It fails 6 times out of 10" in object descriptions, a la …
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