01:03 Ticket #610 (No room to pick up gold) created by ChodTheWacko
I can't pick up adamantite with a full inventory: Message: You have no …


09:59 Ticket #609 (Invisible traps can be shown via "change visuals") created by ekolis
Since invisible traps are a different type of terrain than open floors, it …


15:16 Ticket #608 (Object knowledge causes assertion to fail) created by ekolis
I went to the object knowledge screen via the ~ menu, and I got an error …


11:46 Ticket #491 (Inventory should be the default display when selling or dropping ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [d77e2b5] (SVN r946)
11:34 Ticket #420 (Fix ammo display details after missile changes) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [4c695e8] (SVN r945).
09:19 Ticket #607 (Rings of Escaping should impair spellcasting and ranged attacks) created by anonymous


05:23 Ticket #606 (Macro's still use normal keyset when game is set for roguelike keys) created by elsairon
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=785


12:00 Ticket #290 (Stat reduction attacks reduce already-minimum stats) closed by takkaria
worksforme: Having tested this in [ba890d7] (SVN r935), I can't reproduce; when the …
11:45 Ticket #584 (There should be an error message if save game cannot be overwritten) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed (I believe) in [25c6ff9] (SVN r934).
11:36 Ticket #603 (r907: birth items incorrect) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [2138721] (SVN r933).


11:39 Ticket #394 (keymap/option files no longer append.) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [c422dcd] (SVN r922).
10:56 Ticket #535 (Mages should always have mana available) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed a little while ago now.
10:00 Ticket #515 (Disallow debug chars on the high score list) closed by takkaria
fixed: [b60cae8] (SVN r924).
09:53 Ticket #447 (Pseudo-ID lengths decrease too rapidly with character level) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed, [68aee9c] (SVN r923).
09:48 Ticket #520 (Pref files seem not to be being saved properly) closed by takkaria
fixed: [c422dcd] (SVN r922).
09:41 Ticket #546 (Allow Enter to work on options menu) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [03bf71c] (SVN r921).
09:25 Ticket #156 (Review and incorporate Leon's dungeon patch) reopened by takkaria
Reopening, since this was backed out.
09:22 Ticket #512 (Make browsing the knowledge screen easier) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [5de92b0] (SVN r920).
09:11 Ticket #500 (Some of the help files have CR+LF and some have only LF) closed by takkaria
fixed: done, [1174dd3] (SVN r919).
08:58 Ticket #489 (DTrap status indicator should be a more visible colour than dark green) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed in [d95ca1d] (SVN r917).
08:56 Ticket #543 (Sort out balance after changes to bow damage) closed by takkaria
fixed: [a7c0627] (SVN r916) closes this; the first half no longer applies after …
08:55 Ticket #537 (ARROW_* attacks should not always hit) closed by takkaria
fixed: [69cb047] (SVN r915) closes this -- damage reduction not active, but there …
08:36 Ticket #554 (Failure rate display for spells is wrong) closed by takkaria
invalid: The code here hasn't changed since 3.0.6, so the report is incorrect.
08:33 Ticket #356 (Test rig for dungeon generation) closed by takkaria
fixed: [15fc603] (SVN r593) has everything that's needed even if the code isn't …
08:31 Ticket #275 (Remove/redo "social class") closed by takkaria
fixed: [9408114] (SVN r912) did a lesser version of this which has no gameplay …


21:42 Ticket #399 (Make object descriptions somewhat more terse) closed by takkaria
fixed: Terseness achieved, I think.
21:41 Ticket #393 (crash in 9-14 build) closed by takkaria
worksforme: Can't do anything about this; the logs don't help since they don't have …
21:31 Ticket #605 (r907: weapons should pick up brands from rings) created by takkaria
21:30 Ticket #604 (New object flags (IMPAIR_*, AFRAID, VULN_*) need to be on the character ...) created by takkaria
21:30 Ticket #603 (r907: birth items incorrect) created by takkaria
because tval/sval pairs haven't been updated. We should move to textual …
21:29 Ticket #602 (r907: broken graphics) created by takkaria
Graphics are wrong because of reorg.
21:24 Ticket #596 (Monster recall: make XP and native depth obvious) closed by takkaria
fixed: done in [42a6093] (SVN r908).
21:18 Ticket #540 (Fix up Narya et al.) closed by takkaria
fixed: Done in [70b5fea] (SVN r907).
21:18 Ticket #445 (Rebalance the combat gear items) closed by takkaria
fixed: Done in [70b5fea] (SVN r907).
21:18 Ticket #350 (Scroll changes) closed by takkaria
fixed: Done in [70b5fea] (SVN r907).
21:18 Ticket #321 (Fix amulets) closed by takkaria
fixed: Done in [70b5fea] (SVN r907).
21:18 Ticket #320 (Fix rings) closed by takkaria
fixed: Done in [70b5fea] (SVN r907).
21:17 Ticket #316 (Rebalance wands/rods/staffs) closed by takkaria
fixed: Done in [70b5fea] (SVN r907).
21:17 Ticket #312 (Consumables should appear in piles) closed by takkaria
16:22 Ticket #588 (Add player vulnerabilities) closed by takkaria
fixed: Done in [1e7d593] (SVN r902)
16:22 Ticket #601 (Monster AI needs to understand player vulnerabilities) created by takkaria
See [1e7d593] (SVN r902). In particular, this will require only a few …
11:02 Ticket #522 (Reconsider the three-potion system) closed by takkaria
fixed: I haven't removed CLW, but otherwise done this.
10:59 Ticket #351 (Food changes (again)) closed by takkaria
fixed: Slime molds aren't going, since they seem part of the character of the …
10:59 Ticket #600 (Improve monster drop functionality) created by takkaria
Introduce a drops.txt file (e.g. http://takkaria.org/junkyard/drops.txt) …


17:34 Ticket #599 (Linearise the stat system) created by takkaria
Stat potions always increase 1 point beneath 18 and 10 points past that. …
16:49 Ticket #598 (Make time attacks less evil) created by takkaria
Says Eddie: The current situation with time attacks is very strange. …


22:47 Ticket #517 (Make money depth and value less hard-coded) closed by takkaria
wontfix: I did go the opposite approach -- for several reasons. First, if money …
22:24 Ticket #44 (Change rand_int() to randint0(); randint() to randint1()) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [bd51615] (SVN r895). thanks to Rowan for the patch.
22:19 Ticket #384 (OS X: Problem opening Angband using Quicksilver) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [01008f3] (SVN r894).
21:55 Ticket #140 (Externalise store stocking lists) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed this in [845ff99] (SVN r891). I recommend, somewhat immodestly, …


22:41 Ticket #597 (CPU spikes on (firefox 3.0b5, csrss.exe) when loading angband 3.0.9b or ...) created by epylar
This may be a bug in Firefox 3.0b5, but I felt it worth mentioning: …
17:25 Ticket #596 (Monster recall: make XP and native depth obvious) created by takkaria
16:54 Ticket #595 (Add more monster race and slay types) created by takkaria
16:53 Ticket #594 (Try and make all stats more relevant to all classes) created by takkaria
For example, Mages: mana/spells determined by INT, spell failure by WIS …
16:49 Ticket #593 (Add new curses: hide the monster health bar) created by takkaria
R Dan mentioned this on r.g.r.a a while back; it would make an interesting …
16:49 Ticket #592 (Add new curses: anchorage) created by takkaria
Prevents all teleport effects, both player and monster, in a certain …
16:42 Ticket #591 (Monster recovery should happen each turn regardless of how far away ...) created by takkaria
As far as I can tell, if a monster is fully healed but …
16:40 Ticket #590 (Dragon scale mails' activation times are truncated) created by takkaria
e.g. activation recharge times of 1d450 are truncated to 1d194 because …
16:27 Ticket #589 (Identify spell should check that there are items to identify before ...) created by takkaria
This is a more general issue with the current spells system; perhaps it …
16:22 Ticket #588 (Add player vulnerabilities) created by takkaria
Probably just for the base four; which negate a resist, or increase damage …
16:20 Ticket #587 (Think about adding EyAngband item prefixes) created by takkaria
These can greatly increase the number of items without contributing to TMJ …


08:54 Ticket #586 (Allow restriction of auto pickup to consumables) created by anonymous
When playing a magic user, it is a bit annoying that the basic books are …
07:39 Ticket #583 (lib/xtra/graf/mr_att.png is not installed with "make install") closed by shanoah


23:19 Ticket #585 (Orc with bad item in 880) created by HorstVonBrand
I'm running SVN release 880 on Linux (plus a lot of patches to get rid of …
19:38 Ticket #456 ({tried} inscription in store items) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in [3d1b4f3] (SVN r880).
12:54 Ticket #579 (Squelch display issues) closed by ajps
fixed: These cases fixed in [b175619] (SVN r879).
07:40 Ticket #584 (There should be an error message if save game cannot be overwritten) created by anonymous
Angband says "Saving game... done." even if it can't overwrite the …


15:16 Ticket #583 (lib/xtra/graf/mr_att.png is not installed with "make install") created by HorstVonBrand
I got angband from SVN (via git, sorry), currently at 877. …


23:08 Ticket #582 (Traps are boring) created by takkaria
... as one might expect. However, a wider variety of them distributed …
23:07 Ticket #581 (Use a flag-based terrain system) created by takkaria
This will make it easier for variants, as well as allow a bit more …
23:03 Ticket #580 (Cut down dungeon depth) created by takkaria
By at least 20 levels -- to 70 or 80.
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