08:58 Ticket #625 (Autosquelch attacking new items) created by anonymous
New items are being autosquelched, from the ring of the mouse, to …
08:56 Ticket #624 (Fear problems.) created by anonymous
When a monster causes fear on me, There's several wierdnesses. Firstly, It …
07:52 Ticket #623 (tele_to should check the destination more carefully) created by anonymous
Currently, teleport_player_to() will teleport the player to the closest …


13:42 Ticket #622 (Un-identified Item's Special Powers are visible in Your Home.) created by rickwenzl@…
If you drop an un-identified potion or scroll (and possibly other types of …


16:59 Ticket #621 (Mushrooms of resist confusion are not obvious) created by ekolis
I found 2 light blue mushrooms and ate one of them; I was given the …
10:48 WikiStart edited by takkaria


09:46 Ticket #107 (OS X UI bugs) closed by takkaria
fixed: Remainder fixed in [0568732] (SVN r976).
08:19 Ticket #511 (OS X: Problem "Hiding" Angband) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [a1a0143] (SVN r958)


08:35 Ticket #620 (Angband doesn't see difference between numpadarrows/diagonals from others.) created by anonymous
[Windows vista, but seems to be more prevalent than just this OS.] In …


17:09 Ticket #619 (Potion of flight rather than ring of escape) created by anonymous
The mage's equivalent of the warrior's pile of !berserk strength. give a …
16:25 Ticket #618 (Using the Mouse to look around.) created by anonymous
I think http://dev.rephial.org/trac/changeset/819 did it wrong, instead of …


17:51 Ticket #612 (Cursed weapons show incorrect damage) closed by takkaria
fixed: I don't have auto-closing configured. I might do it when Trac 0.11 comes …
16:11 Ticket #617 (Clicking on "Angband ... dev" button brings an empty red window.) created by mikon
In SDL on Linux clicking on "Angband ... dev" button brings an empty red …


06:15 Ticket #505 (OS X: Beachball crash for r754 opening v3.0.9 savefile with randarts) closed by takkaria
fixed: should be fixed in [fa6992f] (SVN r966).
06:03 WikiStart edited by takkaria
05:58 Ticket #552 (Highscores busted) closed by takkaria
fixed: see [0cae08a] (SVN r965)
05:53 Ticket #602 (r907: broken graphics) closed by takkaria
fixed: Fixed in [9814280] (SVN r964).
04:59 Ticket #616 (No way to compile on OpenBSD) created by anonymous
Apparently the autoconf system doesn't work with OpenBSD's make. See …


11:15 Ticket #615 (What is the point of Priest melee-branding spells?) created by anonymous


16:14 Ticket #614 (Nicer warning for {!foo}-inscribed items) created by ekolis
If I inscribe a scroll {!r} and try to read it, I get a warning "Really …
16:10 Ticket #613 ("Harmless" actions prevented by {!*} inscription) created by ekolis
I can't even 'I'nspect or 'b'rowse objects marked with {!*} inscriptions …
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