19:15 Ticket #498 (Average damage not correct for items in pack [Was: Number of blows not ...) reopened by Big Al
This still seems to be broken - in shops at least. Eg. the weapon shop is …


14:42 Ticket #646 (Scroll of Door/Stair Detection Shouldn't cost more than Scroll of Magic ...) created by Big Al
In town, a scroll of Door/Stair? Detection costs more than Scroll of Magic …
05:13 Ticket #645 (Incorrect handling of amnesia when computing spell fail rate) created by anonymous
Amnesia is supposed to make reading scrolls, activating objects and …


01:49 Ticket #644 (Targeting only targets closest monsters) created by ChodTheWacko
Targeting has changed such that you can only target monsters that are …


22:58 Ticket #643 (Compile issues due to folder reorg) closed by takkaria
fixed: should be fixed in [f2ca651] (SVN r1021), which is a slightly easier way …
22:31 Ticket #643 (Compile issues due to folder reorg) created by ChodTheWacko
Several of the files use relative directories to compile, and files that …
12:40 Ticket #630 (Knowledge screens ('~') not available in-store) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [b112a56] (SVN r1010)
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