17:30 Ticket #733 (Curse Weapon and Curse Armour should just curse/heavy-curse things, not ...) created by takkaria
This would mean we could also remove the Blasted ego-types.
16:08 Ticket #732 (Add {unseen} indicators for unaware flavours in stores) created by takkaria
16:08 Ticket #731 (No selling option) created by takkaria
Needs to: * disable selling * increase gold drops * allow giving to the …
15:50 Ticket #730 ('/' (recall monsters) should mention the ^u &c shortcuts) created by takkaria
13:14 Ticket #729 (Teleportation doesn't interrupt running.) created by takkaria
Eddie did this: […]
10:36 Ticket #728 (If you attack with a wielded artifact weapon that is not ID'ed, the label ...) created by takkaria
08:02 Ticket #726 (Rationalize damage/effects simultaneously applied) closed by takkaria
fixed: This is related to Eddie's "adders add" thing.
07:50 Ticket #727 (Targetting should warn when something is out of range) created by takkaria
07:30 Ticket #726 (Rationalize damage/effects simultaneously applied) created by anonymous
In the current code, there's no consistent rule when damage and effects …
07:12 Ticket #725 (*Remove Curse* doesn't work on heavily-cursed items) created by takkaria


12:45 Ticket #724 (Critical hit messages out of order in 3.1.0.) created by anonymous
"It was a great hit! You hit the kobold." This is because despite this …
11:32 Ticket #723 (main-gcu.c compile errors) created by Mangojuice
I get several compile errors when trying to compile; I'm using Mac / Unix. …
11:08 Ticket #722 (Spoilers and wizard mode cheat info option omits magical abilities of ...) created by takkaria
09:36 Ticket #721 (Searching bonuses should be displayed as % increase now instead, to match ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [f297708] (SVN r1110).
09:19 Ticket #721 (Searching bonuses should be displayed as % increase now instead, to match ...) created by takkaria
07:38 Ticket #720 (Changes to item generation) created by takkaria
Now we have full stats for item generation in 3.3.0, we need to reduce the …
07:36 Ticket #719 (Armour shouldn't be able to be corroded down to negative AC) created by takkaria
07:35 Ticket #718 (Make enchantment scrolls rare in the shops) created by takkaria
But up the chances of them being successful. Might be an idea to add a …
07:33 Ticket #717 (Stat potions are too rare) created by takkaria
07:32 Ticket #716 (Re-examine rings of cat/dog) created by takkaria
Complaint was that they're a bit useless.
07:31 Ticket #715 (Use a better algorithm for magic devices fail rate) created by takkaria
An idea might be to plot the existing rates on a graph of player level vs …
06:29 Ticket #714 (setgid problems again) created by takkaria
06:28 Ticket #713 (Allow spoilers to be generated with a command-line switch) created by takkaria
06:15 Ticket #712 (Spellbooks not autoinscribed but rods are after setting autoinscribe ...) created by takkaria
05:00 Ticket #711 (Rod of Detection description is wrong) created by ChodTheWacko
It is described as 'detects all objects on the level'. This should be …


19:37 Ticket #710 (Should ESP radius be rectangular, like the detection area?) created by takkaria
19:37 Ticket #709 (In graphics mode, the detection radius is displayed wrong) created by takkaria
As the wrong tile, rather than a green dot.
19:35 Ticket #708 (Untried wands of confuse monster aimed at confusion-resistant monsters ...) created by takkaria
I just tried to ID a lead-plated wand by trying it out on a grape jelly. …
16:37 Ticket #707 (r1099: Display glitch with large overmap windows and town) created by stefanor@…
A screenshot explains best: http://members.cox.net/stefanor/1231709691.png
15:19 Ticket #706 (Number of Blows not Correct (again!)) created by Big Al
Comp 63 character: I have a long sword of extra attacks (+2) and a flail …
13:48 Ticket #705 (Randart activations make reference to the artifacts they are derived from) created by takkaria
Not sure what to do about this.
13:38 Ticket #651 (Cannot reload randart saves in developmental versions) reopened by anonymous
this still seems to be broken with 3.1 final (save file attached)
12:27 Ticket #704 (Running with shift-arrow keys in roguelike keyset brings up squelch prompt) created by takkaria
05:23 Ticket #703 (Changing birth options screws up quickstart (?)) created by takkaria
From Eddie: […]
05:16 Ticket #702 (Wormtongue dropped a staff of darkness) created by takkaria
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=1265
05:14 Ticket #701 (Give the new mushrooms some positive value) created by takkaria
e.g. Mushroom of Second Sight
05:13 Ticket #700 (Running should not run into immobile monsters) created by takkaria
Patch here: http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=1261
05:09 Ticket #699 (New pseudo and squelch do not fit well together) created by takkaria
- ego armour with no plusses will get squelched on 'bad' or 'average' …
04:45 Ticket #698 (Add 'rest untill full mana OR hp' command to 'R' prompt) created by takkaria
04:45 Ticket #697 (There should be an autotarget nearest monster command) created by takkaria
04:44 Ticket #696 (Character name omitted from character dump) created by takkaria
03:39 Ticket #695 (r1099: Deleting macros breaks) created by stefanor@…
If you delete a macro, the key it was on becomes a no-op for purposes …


23:40 Ticket #641 (Morgoth arts messed up) reopened by stefanor@…
It's not fixed. I just killed Morgoth (yay), and my gear is the same …
05:31 Ticket #694 (If you drop a recharigng rod, it suddenly recharges) created by takkaria
05:29 Ticket #693 (Add "rest to full hp or or mana") created by takkaria
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=1255
05:10 Ticket #692 (A Great Wyrm of Power casting fear should have a different success rate ...) created by takkaria


20:55 Ticket #691 (r1099: Ring of Open Wounds needs EASY_KNOW (?)) created by stefanor@…
I'm prompted to identify them despite knowing the type.
20:38 Ticket #690 (r1099: Effect timeout display should correct for player speed) created by stefanor@…
The Jewel 'Evenstar' says that it needs 150 turns to recharge after use, …
17:54 Ticket #689 (Squelch items in stores) created by Big Al
Items marked as auto-squelch still show up in stores.
17:48 Ticket #688 (Mages no longer get "You can't learn any spells from that book" message) created by takkaria
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=1254
16:55 Ticket #687 (Object info needs to apply ring brands on weapon info screen.) created by takkaria
15:13 Ticket #686 (Object info display needs to make clear when bows have slay dragon) created by takkaria
See thread http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?p=13170
15:13 Ticket #685 (Scrolls of Create Trap should ID on use) created by takkaria
13:45 Ticket #626 (Adamantite pieces cannot be picked up when Inventory is full.) closed by takkaria
12:06 Ticket #684 (Looking at object.txt, new item "Great Hammer" has 8d1 damage) closed by takkaria
invalid: Nope, this is by design.
12:05 Ticket #684 (Looking at object.txt, new item "Great Hammer" has 8d1 damage) created by ballenj@…
Presumably it should do more random damage than "8d1"... The version is …
10:41 Ticket #683 (!BerserkStrength won't sell in town) created by takkaria
07:56 Ticket #513 (Allow platform ports to provide a native save-box for character dumps.) closed by takkaria
fixed: implemented in [c18feef] (SVN r1066); for the ports to make use of it is …
07:03 Ticket #682 (Remove autoroller) created by takkaria
Pending agreement with other variant maintainers.
06:15 Ticket #627 (Priest Spell "Slow Poison" must be relearned after restarting save file.) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed in [bcc2414] (SVN r1089)
06:15 Ticket #610 (No room to pick up gold) closed by takkaria
06:15 Ticket #62 (Game should be fully dual-licenced) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [766f69d] (SVN r1102).
06:06 WikiStart edited by takkaria
05:58 Ticket #383 (Need ability to disable navigation in stores) closed by takkaria
fixed: This was fixed some time ago.
05:12 Ticket #681 (Autoroller display issue) created by takkaria
In the auto-roller, when you try for a second character, and then switch …
05:11 Ticket #680 (Two high-score entries for dead characters) created by takkaria
04:56 Ticket #679 (High-level mages get told they can learn 1 more spell when there are no ...) created by takkaria
04:53 Ticket #521 (strange startup hang problem on XP) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [2d7aeb6] (SVN r1099).
03:16 Ticket #678 (r1099: gcu port leaves terminal colors damaged) created by stefanor@…
After running angband -mgcu, other terminal programs display using Angband …
02:38 Ticket #677 (r1099: Provide a way to extract history without copy&paste) created by stefanor@…
Either as part of the character dump or as a separate file.


23:13 WikiStart edited by takkaria
23:12 WikiStart edited by takkaria
23:12 WikiStart edited by takkaria
22:55 Ticket #635 (Angband on Windows startup speed is bad after many restarts) closed by takkaria
22:41 Ticket #597 (CPU spikes on (firefox 3.0b5, csrss.exe) when loading angband 3.0.9b or ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [2d7aeb6] (SVN r1099).
19:09 Ticket #451 (Message window doesn't update when buying in store) reopened by takkaria
Quendus on #angband sez: {{ 23:36 < Quendus> takkaria: the inventory …
18:01 Ticket #676 (Help on Character Creation Screen Broken) created by Big Al
When creating a new character, it says that you can press '?' for help, …
06:09 Ticket #675 (Unexplored dungeon in 32x32-enabled Windows port shows the cloak tile) created by takkaria
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?p=13071 Explanation is …
04:19 Ticket #674 (Use binary search instead of iteration in alloc tables) created by takkaria
Instead of iterating over every entry in an alloc table to find an item …
02:24 Ticket #673 (Description of Identification Spell Wrong) created by Big Al
The current description for the mage spell of Identification and the …


22:43 Ticket #672 (r1099: Activating Evenstar gives wrong message) created by stefanor@…
It's not a cloak.
21:22 Ticket #671 (Loading the same gamefile should load preferences, even with a different ...) created by Big Al
For OS X, possibly other platforms: I like to give all my characters a …
20:32 Ticket #670 (r1099: reading ?acquirement off floor does not acquire) created by stefanor@…
Instead, it consumes the scroll with no benefit.
19:15 Ticket #313 (Potion changes) closed by takkaria
fixed: The desirable changes here were actually already implemented in 3.1.
18:52 ReleaseChecklist edited by takkaria
15:00 Ticket #669 (r1099: control-E doesn't work well) created by stefanor@…
It has no observable effect, but causes a switch after some other things, …
13:55 Ticket #668 (When running, if you step on a trap, you get two @s on the screen while ...) created by takkaria
12:19 ReleaseChecklist edited by takkaria
11:22 Ticket #667 (Re-examine fear changes) created by takkaria
Following up on any further discussion in the thread at: …
10:32 Milestone 3.1.0 completed
A first alpha to test the changes so far.
09:54 ReleaseChecklist edited by takkaria
09:41 ReleaseChecklist created by takkaria
09:40 Ticket #132 (Release checklist) closed by takkaria
wontfix: moving this to a static wiki page
09:39 WikiStart edited by takkaria
09:35 Ticket #666 (main-gcu exhibits out-of-bounds array access in z-term at game init) created by takkaria
To reproduce: 1. Compile linux port with gcu frontend. 2. Run "valgrind …
08:30 Ticket #605 (r907: weapons should pick up brands from rings) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [0a7d8c3] (SVN r1079). The game just uses the highest multiplier from …
08:27 Ticket #310 (New item allocation system with gradients) closed by takkaria
fixed: DROP_GOOD now means something again, and with that, this bug is being …
07:36 Ticket #607 (Rings of Escaping should impair spellcasting and ranged attacks) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [bbbc758] (SVN r1090).
07:09 Ticket #665 (Amnesia effect shouldn't exist anymore) created by takkaria
06:42 Ticket #649 (My Paladin forgets "Slow Poison" on restart? (weird)) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [bcc2414] (SVN r1089). thanks!
05:20 Ticket #651 (Cannot reload randart saves in developmental versions) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [17a3117] (SVN r1086). very sorry that this happened! the game won't …
05:01 Ticket #624 (Fear problems.) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [f00bdb0] (SVN r1085)
04:46 Ticket #656 (r1069: r908 missed monster list) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [0b41327] (SVN r1083)
04:43 Ticket #657 (r1069: messages out of sync for oppose poison) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [6a3905a] (SVN r1082)
04:40 Ticket #658 (r1069: Rods have variable weight) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [720ec8f] (SVN r1081)
04:39 Ticket #662 (r1071: Ancient gold dragons drop gold) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [273103c] (SVN r1080)
04:27 Ticket #653 (Playing.txt need '[' and ']' commands updated) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [bec55bf] (SVN r1077).
04:21 Ticket #664 (refactor get_brand_mult() & pseudo-by-use in attack.c) created by takkaria
get_brand_mult() should be taking a flagset rather than an object. can …
04:10 Ticket #604 (New object flags (IMPAIR_*, AFRAID, VULN_*) need to be on the character ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [0327cc7] (SVN r1078)


16:37 Ticket #663 (r1071: Wrong article in hostile summons) created by stefanor@…
Dwar, Dog Lord of Waw magically summons an undead adversary! G Dread …
16:16 Ticket #498 (Average damage not correct for items in pack [Was: Number of blows not ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed in [5be6498] (SVN r1073). That's what I get for applying patches by …
16:14 Ticket #662 (r1071: Ancient gold dragons drop gold) created by stefanor@…
I beleive this is an oversight; the in-game description makes no mention …
13:50 Ticket #661 ("You have x number of y" message in store sometimes incorrect) created by anonymous
If you have 105 plain arrows in your inventory (eg. a pile of 99 and a …
13:42 Ticket #660 (Allow New Game/Load Game without Quitting) created by Big Al
It would be nice on the platforms that support menus (Windows, Mac, ?) to …
04:48 Ticket #659 (Get valgrind reporting that all memory is properly freed at game exit) created by takkaria


16:25 Ticket #658 (r1069: Rods have variable weight) created by stefanor@…
I have "2 Lead-Plated Rods of Treasure Location (10.0 lbs)", but most …


04:52 Ticket #657 (r1069: messages out of sync for oppose poison) created by stefanor@…
The messages given on start and end reference confusion. -sorear


21:12 Ticket #656 (r1069: r908 missed monster list) created by stefanor@…
In [70ccedb] (SVN r1069), monster list still uses the old rules for OOD …


00:00 Ticket #498 (Average damage not correct for items in pack [Was: Number of blows not ...) reopened by Big Al
In [d702662] (SVN r1046), […] was changed to: […] Shouldn't this …


18:24 Ticket #655 (Priests are now horribly unfair. {Psuedo-ID}) created by anonymous
Low level priests have no cheap pre-id methods. Remove curse is useless at …
18:02 Ticket #654 (Resting not giving Pseudo-id is pointless) created by anonymous
with 09999s you'll get your pseudo-id just as quickly.
12:16 Ticket #651 (Cannot reload randart saves in developmental versions) reopened by anonymous
This still happens with [c18feef] (SVN r1066)


22:34 Ticket #560 (Limit char dumps to 80 characters wide) closed by takkaria
fixed: Given that the game already wraps at the right width, this is a problem …
22:28 Ticket #609 (Invisible traps can be shown via "change visuals") closed by takkaria
fixed: Whilst it may look like you can make invisible traps visible, you actually …
22:00 Ticket #650 (Infinite Scroll of Rune of Protection) closed by takkaria
duplicate: already fixed as #409 ([3cbcc19] (SVN r796))
21:56 Ticket #553 (Merging prayer books) closed by takkaria
16:35 Ticket #501 (Add method of death to the character dump.) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [1852732] (SVN r1063).
15:58 Ticket #536 (Stepping next to a sleeping monster should not allow it to wake up *and* ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [663a76b] (SVN r1061), thanks
15:52 Ticket #644 (Targeting only targets closest monsters) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [a4ecdec] (SVN r1060), thanks
04:05 Ticket #653 (Playing.txt need '[' and ']' commands updated) created by Big Al
Playing.txt needs 'and?' commands updated too.


23:46 Ticket #652 (Knowledge - press any continue - arrow keys not regarded as "any key") closed by takkaria
fixed: This this was fixed some time ago. Thanks for reporting it, though, since …
22:04 Ticket #585 (Orc with bad item in 880) closed by takkaria
invalid: closing since there's been nothing new on this.
22:03 Ticket #646 (Scroll of Door/Stair Detection Shouldn't cost more than Scroll of Magic ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [e5813f7] (SVN r1049)
21:51 Ticket #641 (Morgoth arts messed up) closed by takkaria
fixed: I think this should probably have been fixed in [7a237e7] (SVN r1047), as …
21:49 Ticket #648 (Iron Crown of Morgoth not perma-cursed / not adding to stats) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [7a237e7] (SVN r1047).
21:04 Ticket #498 (Average damage not correct for items in pack [Was: Number of blows not ...) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [d702662] (SVN r1046), thanks
20:14 Ticket #528 (Nearby objects should be listed in the monster list, a la Sangband) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [ada65fb] (SVN r1043).
19:38 Ticket #642 (Rewrite scorefile code.) closed by takkaria
fixed: in [d7a3a96] (SVN r1042).
15:30 Ticket #651 (Cannot reload randart saves in developmental versions) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed in [cfe830c] (SVN r1037), thanks.


00:26 Ticket #652 (Knowledge - press any continue - arrow keys not regarded as "any key") created by Nightmarjoo
I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place or in the right format …


04:48 Ticket #651 (Cannot reload randart saves in developmental versions) created by paul@…
I get the following error when i try to open up a save file with the …


23:42 Ticket #650 (Infinite Scroll of Rune of Protection) created by stuartmarshallsmith@…
version 3.0.9 under Linux ( Fedora Core 6 ) compiled …
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