23:35 Ticket #861 (Sell list prices in shops.) created by KZK
When you are selling in a shop, and the shop queries you which item to …
23:28 Ticket #860 (Simplify Commands T, t, and X (macro)) created by KZK
Simplify the default command set. t (takeoff) is rarely used. T …
18:38 Ticket #706 (Number of Blows not Correct (again!)) closed by magnate
fixed: [16096eb] (SVN r1404) as per Pete's fix above.
11:16 Ticket #679 (High-level mages get told they can learn 1 more spell when there are no ...) closed by magnate
fixed: [743b76d] (SVN r1403). Thanks to Peter Denison for the patch.
04:43 Ticket #859 (Batch Reading of Scrolls) created by KZK
The ability to read any number of or all scrolls in a stack and apply them …


00:14 Ticket #858 (Insribing objects Max=#) created by KZK
Inscribing an object Max=# should limit number of that item picked up. …
00:05 Ticket #857 (^t, !*, !d, !g, and \s) created by KZK
(not)t and !* should question y/n on wear/wield. (The not (carrot) symbol …


23:41 Ticket #856 (Shop shouldn't honour keymaps) created by KZK
Macros no longer exist so that's good, but keymaps still work in shops, as …
23:37 Ticket #855 (Running and Disturb DTrap) created by KZK
Running when standing on a DTrap edge and the option disturb on dtrap, …
15:30 Ticket #852 (Torches of Brightness description wrong) reopened by magnate
Ok, this is actually a bug. I bought a Torch of Brightness in the BM, and …
15:08 Ticket #854 (Can't sell unidentified scroll of darkness) created by ChodTheWacko
Old behavior was you could sell any unidentified scroll to get it …
13:22 Ticket #853 (Pricing anomalies) created by magnate
A full rewrite of obj-power.c needs leaving to a later version, but some …
13:17 Ticket #852 (Torches of Brightness description wrong) closed by magnate
worksforme: Er, no. Description is actually fine. No idea what the problem was - …
11:20 Ticket #852 (Torches of Brightness description wrong) created by magnate
Description says light radius 2, but they actually have radius 3.


15:47 Ticket #851 (Drain EXP should drain XP in proportion to total XP, not a constant) created by takkaria
15:47 Ticket #850 (Look at making use-by-ID of consumables even more viable) created by takkaria
Gain-one-lose-one potions should probably do something different if …
15:39 Ticket #849 (If you destroy one item of a pile and then squelch it, the rest are not ...) created by takkaria
08:07 Ticket #848 (Make the monster list more useful) created by jamievicary@…
There is currently no easy way to tell how far away monsters are, and if …
06:00 Ticket #846 (Numbers in item description neglect item's own pval) closed by magnate
duplicate: Ooops, duplicate of 706


10:46 Ticket #847 (After killing Morgoth, staircase can appear in wall) created by magnate
Very minor bug, but it would be nice if the staircase after killing …
10:26 Ticket #846 (Numbers in item description neglect item's own pval) created by magnate
I found a heavy weapon - when I inspected it it said "blows/round: 2". …


22:17 Ticket #845 (Remove Self Knowledge potions) created by takkaria
They're pretty useless now.
22:17 Ticket #844 (OoD should not destroy cursed items anymore) created by takkaria
It could act as a mass-remove curse, or it could simply not affect items …
22:15 Ticket #843 (Redesign character sheet) created by takkaria
Goals for a redesign: - get damage/round in there - clean up the code a …
14:43 Ticket #842 (Squelching average stuff is squelching more-than-average stuff) created by takkaria
11:12 Ticket #448 (Propagate the CLW/CSW/CCW changes to the spellbooks) closed by magnate
fixed: [9aa5bcc] (SVN r1392) (I interpolated for Cure Mortal Wounds)
10:09 Ticket #839 (Tone down XP for old FORCE_MAXHP monsters that aren't uniques) closed by magnate
fixed: [c8ed423] (SVN r1391). Line 1647 of monster2.c defines a standard …
06:55 Ticket #663 (r1071: Wrong article in hostile summons) closed by magnate
fixed: [b1e7988] (SVN r1389)
06:21 Ticket #806 (Make it clear what brands on rings do) closed by magnate
fixed: [bfe4311] (SVN r1388)
05:54 Ticket #762 (Alchemist's Gloves should be wearable by mages) closed by magnate
fixed: [3c36f00] (SVN r1387)
05:41 Ticket #792 (Make arriving on new levels safe) closed by magnate
fixed: [818a094] (SVN r1386). Difficult to test exhaustively, but should do the …
05:35 Ticket #840 (Minor typo in weapon descriptions) closed by magnate
fixed: [ea74f59] (SVN r1385)
05:01 Ticket #841 (Angband crashes on 'File->New') created by blay.paul@…
This bug arrived with Changeset [616158b] (SVN r1379) and was brought up …
03:51 Ticket #840 (Minor typo in weapon descriptions) created by magnate
At the moment it says "damage/round:" when I'm pretty sure it should be …
02:57 Ticket #801 (Inscriptions are no longer shown in the home) closed by magnate
fixed: [d4caffd] (SVN r1384)


05:35 Ticket #727 (Targetting should warn when something is out of range) closed by magnate
fixed: [0d4b3aa] (SVN r1383) prevents a player wasting a shot at a target that is …


17:37 Ticket #774 (Ego-items with random powers should not get duplicate powers) closed by magnate
fixed: [8510ebd] (SVN r1382)
15:08 Ticket #830 (Object knowledge menu crashes) closed by magnate
fixed: Fixed in [06ead07] (SVN r1381)
14:40 Ticket #814 (Lose turn when unable to attack) closed by magnate
fixed: Fixed in [67d620c] (SVN r1380) - many thanks to rhinocesaurus for the …


21:44 Ticket #839 (Tone down XP for old FORCE_MAXHP monsters that aren't uniques) created by takkaria
Followup on Timo's post: …


17:03 Ticket #833 ((r1362) Random Artifact Names on Standard Artifacts) closed by magnate
fixed: Fixed in [9a76672] (SVN r1377) (my analysis above was wrong, but gave me …


01:20 Ticket #838 (isolated initial room) created by anonymous
This is an old bug, and presumably well known, but just in case someone …


09:02 Ticket #837 (Give a meaning to object colors) created by fph
Object colors should be given some "in-game" meaning instead of simply …


09:41 Ticket #836 (General Comments) closed by takkaria
invalid: Yeah, please don't post long rants like this one here. I appreciate the …


22:14 Ticket #836 (General Comments) created by Spacebux
I've not played angband since an early revision of 3.0.9. Having come …


17:16 Ticket #835 (Ensure that autoconf makefiles are strict about C89) created by magnate
At the moment the usual ./configure make sequence is failing to …


16:05 Ticket #834 (Truncate pricing.log (to zero length) at startup) closed by magnate
fixed: [f6a9f7e] (SVN r1373)


15:29 Ticket #818 (Revise definition and operation of cache in slay_power()) closed by magnate
fixed: Cache fixed in [75cb81e] (SVN r1371). Can always reopen if feedback …
07:32 Ticket #343 (Autosave feature) closed by ajps
fixed: Added in [4609919] (SVN r1370). I chose not to make it an option and not …
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