16:08 Ticket #888 (CCW and CMW (almost) replicated) created by fph
The CCW and CMortalW priest/paladin spells are replicated in ?PB3 and …


16:20 Ticket #886 (repeat command ignores prompts) closed by ajps
fixed: Should be fixed in [4c09863] (SVN r1449) (for the low mana check) and …
04:05 Ticket #887 (Windows "open" and "new" hotkeys) created by fph
In the Windows version, File|New and File|Open should have a hotkey (and …


07:45 Ticket #886 (repeat command ignores prompts) created by anonymous
Since some revisions, the repeat command does not show any prompts …
04:41 Ticket #885 (Add verbose argument to object_value_real()) created by magnate
This will help solve two problems: the slow-down when redrawing the item …


17:29 Ticket #884 (Turn used when using wand/staff with no charges.) created by ajps
If you use a wand or staff with no charges left, it uses up a turn, …
17:22 Ticket #882 (Repeat command on zap ignores uncharged rods) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in [11f8de5] (SVN r1445) - was an artifact of the repeat command …
11:50 Ticket #883 (Angband spends too much time updating the item list.) created by morth
Well, I accidently overwrote my savefile with my testing svn version, so …


21:42 Ticket #882 (Repeat command on zap ignores uncharged rods) created by sirridan
When using the repeat command (default key 'n') after zapping a rod, the …


09:37 Ticket #881 (Inpsect needs a more prompt) created by morth
The new inspect format is more verbose and can for some items (artifacts …
07:36 Ticket #880 (Dead keys do not work in OS X port) created by morth
When using for example a swedish keyboard layout, the ~ key is a dead key, …
07:26 Ticket #879 (Search the home) created by anonymous
I could really use some way to search my home. Say for example that I …


18:53 Ticket #878 (auto squelch worthless items breaks on restarted character) created by anonymous
When starting a new character based on a previously died one, and the auto …


17:46 Ticket #877 (Let me disable townspeople) created by anonymous
It would be very nice to have a birth option to disable the townspeople. …


18:07 Ticket #876 (Check for format-string based security holes) created by ajps
Look for more security holes like the ones fixed in [a007d2a] (SVN r1437) …
09:37 Ticket #874 (Monster list window not updating when monsters woken by combat) closed by magnate
fixed: [1dccef2] (SVN r1440)
09:22 Ticket #875 (player_has_los_bold() is not working in some situations) closed by magnate
fixed: [f6232ab] (SVN r1439). We should have been using m_ptr->mflag instead.
03:59 Ticket #875 (player_has_los_bold() is not working in some situations) created by magnate


15:27 Ticket #63 (Add support for automatically numbering characters ("Rocky IV")) closed by magnate
fixed: [ccdf4c5] (SVN r1433). Thanks to Pete Denison for the patch. For caveats …


09:54 Ticket #874 (Monster list window not updating when monsters woken by combat) created by magnate


15:24 Ticket #873 (auto-inscription prevents stacking of arrows) created by brewer@…
This has happened to me twice. I fire all of some arrows and then when I …


15:35 Ticket #848 (Make the monster list more useful) closed by magnate
fixed: [65e4a05] (SVN r1418)
15:34 Ticket #872 (= Command, Current Hitpoint warning) created by KZK
The = Command current hitpoint warning says "current base delay factor" …


16:27 Ticket #871 (/ misidentifies ' as Angel) created by KZK
The / Identification command misidentifies ' as A (Angel).


15:01 Ticket #870 (No yeeks in monster knowledge browser) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed a while ago, in [4c9a36f] (SVN r1218)
07:35 Ticket #870 (No yeeks in monster knowledge browser) created by anonymous
The yeeks are not shown in monster knowledge browser accessed through ~


13:08 Ticket #49 (Fix object pricing) closed by magnate
fixed: [19267ef] (SVN r1398) (for wearables and ammo; takkaria says no to …
12:24 Ticket #364 (Weapons need to be priced in line with their damage-dealing ability) closed by magnate
fixed: [19267ef] (SVN r1398)
11:18 Ticket #869 (Check and revise monster power algorithm) created by magnate
While working on [57756ec] (SVN r1415) I thought it would be good to list …
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