12:32 Ticket #893 (Pickup fails when hitpoints low) created by noz
With hitpoint warning on (40%), pickup_always=yes, pickup_inven=yes, …


18:47 Ticket #892 (new-id: wands and staffs ID'd without ID or use (but rods aren't)) created by takkaria
17:46 Ticket #63 (Add support for automatically numbering characters ("Rocky IV")) reopened by magnate
I decided this really should be able to cope with numerals not starting at …
10:28 Ticket #881 (Inpsect needs a more prompt) closed by magnate
duplicate: #865.
09:21 Ticket #853 (Pricing anomalies) closed by magnate
fixed: [6deb8f9] (SVN r1479). Added big power boost for TR2_LITE on light …
04:27 Ticket #891 (Display player-turns in dumps) created by magnate
Backport from Un: http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=6803


18:01 Ticket #890 (Prevent generation of 'damaged' items in stores) closed by magnate
fixed: [8f6399a] (SVN r1478)
16:26 Ticket #885 (Add verbose argument to object_value_real()) closed by magnate
fixed: [705b0b1] (SVN r1477). The pricing.log file should now remain *much* …


10:05 Ticket #877 (Let me disable townspeople) closed by takkaria
wontfix: Sorry, I'm not adding an option for this, nor removing them for everyone.
09:31 Ticket #660 (Allow New Game/Load Game without Quitting) closed by ajps
duplicate: See #138.
09:19 Ticket #516 (Feature Request: Make 'repeat last command' only repeat in-game commands) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in [13c0a2f] (SVN r1436) (and the numerous bugfixes since). The …
09:13 Ticket #760 ('n' interacts oddly with inscribed ammo) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in [a409870] (SVN r1456).


17:12 Ticket #890 (Prevent generation of 'damaged' items in stores) created by magnate
By this I mean armour and weapons with negative modifiers to hit/dam/ac.
05:37 Ticket #889 (Wielding firestar causes it to prompt for a direction.) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in 1455. Not the nicest solution possible maybe, but fixed all the …


21:47 Ticket #889 (Wielding firestar causes it to prompt for a direction.) created by anonymous
Not sure why, perhaps the activation? Save attached.


16:08 Ticket #888 (CCW and CMW (almost) replicated) created by fph
The CCW and CMortalW priest/paladin spells are replicated in ?PB3 and …


16:20 Ticket #886 (repeat command ignores prompts) closed by ajps
fixed: Should be fixed in [4c09863] (SVN r1449) (for the low mana check) and …
04:05 Ticket #887 (Windows "open" and "new" hotkeys) created by fph
In the Windows version, File|New and File|Open should have a hotkey (and …


07:45 Ticket #886 (repeat command ignores prompts) created by anonymous
Since some revisions, the repeat command does not show any prompts …
04:41 Ticket #885 (Add verbose argument to object_value_real()) created by magnate
This will help solve two problems: the slow-down when redrawing the item …


17:29 Ticket #884 (Turn used when using wand/staff with no charges.) created by ajps
If you use a wand or staff with no charges left, it uses up a turn, …
17:22 Ticket #882 (Repeat command on zap ignores uncharged rods) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in [11f8de5] (SVN r1445) - was an artifact of the repeat command …
11:50 Ticket #883 (Angband spends too much time updating the item list.) created by morth
Well, I accidently overwrote my savefile with my testing svn version, so …


21:42 Ticket #882 (Repeat command on zap ignores uncharged rods) created by sirridan
When using the repeat command (default key 'n') after zapping a rod, the …


09:37 Ticket #881 (Inpsect needs a more prompt) created by morth
The new inspect format is more verbose and can for some items (artifacts …
07:36 Ticket #880 (Dead keys do not work in OS X port) created by morth
When using for example a swedish keyboard layout, the ~ key is a dead key, …
07:26 Ticket #879 (Search the home) created by anonymous
I could really use some way to search my home. Say for example that I …


18:53 Ticket #878 (auto squelch worthless items breaks on restarted character) created by anonymous
When starting a new character based on a previously died one, and the auto …


17:46 Ticket #877 (Let me disable townspeople) created by anonymous
It would be very nice to have a birth option to disable the townspeople. …


18:07 Ticket #876 (Check for format-string based security holes) created by ajps
Look for more security holes like the ones fixed in [a007d2a] (SVN r1437) …
09:37 Ticket #874 (Monster list window not updating when monsters woken by combat) closed by magnate
fixed: [1dccef2] (SVN r1440)
09:22 Ticket #875 (player_has_los_bold() is not working in some situations) closed by magnate
fixed: [f6232ab] (SVN r1439). We should have been using m_ptr->mflag instead.
03:59 Ticket #875 (player_has_los_bold() is not working in some situations) created by magnate
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