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02:41 Ticket #908 (Repeat last command when firing and previous target died fires at oneself ...) created by takkaria
If you are firing using 'n', and kill something, the next time you 'n' you …


17:55 Ticket #907 (Changing starting gold/eq birth option messes up w/ previous character) created by anonymous
If you choose "New character based on previous one" when prompted, then …
17:14 Ticket #883 (Angband spends too much time updating the item list.) closed by magnate
fixed: [7e68087] (SVN r1500)
14:42 KeywordGuide edited by magnate
renamed macos to mac (diff)
02:26 KeywordGuide edited by magnate
added backports, renamed spells to magic, expanded descriptions, added … (diff)


18:51 Ticket #906 (Fix main-gtk compiler warnings) created by magnate
gtk/main-gtk.c: In function ‘draw_xtra_cr_text’: gtk/main-gtk.c:222: …
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subsumed "traps" into "dungeon" (diff)
17:41 Ticket #905 (Some Monster Tiles Mapped to Wrong Graphic) created by wolf.trickster@…
I noticed when playing 3.1.0 a while back that a few of the monster …
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First save
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10:12 Ticket #904 (new-id: known_flags need updating globally on ID) created by takkaria
Steps to reproduce: 1. Create two rings of FA 2. Wear one 3. Identify the …
10:05 Ticket #903 (new-id: Buying stuff from stores doesn't always make it fully known) created by takkaria
I bought some armour from the armoury earlier and it didn't have the …
10:03 Ticket #902 (new-id: =RCold sold, un-ID'd, for 25000AU) created by takkaria
I think something is probably accessing known_flags directly, and with the …
10:02 Ticket #901 (new-id: Aware =RCold didn't have RES_COLD flag known in 'I'nspection ...) created by takkaria
10:00 Ticket #900 (new-id: messages on ID should be consistent and coherent) created by takkaria
At the moment, various different places print text in different ways and …
09:48 Ticket #899 (new-id: =Teleportation's flavour is identified but teleport flag not known) created by takkaria
Also didn't display flag on character screen (it was a '.', so this is …
09:33 Ticket #898 (new-id: come up with a good savefile compat story) created by takkaria
I'm OK with "if you import a currently-running character into this …
09:32 Ticket #897 (new-id: remove TR2_ACTIVATE) created by takkaria
There's no need for it now, since we already have enough data to deduce …
09:31 Ticket #896 (new-id: remove artifact_type::cur_num and ::max_num fields) created by takkaria
Replace them with "bool created" or whatever.
09:31 Ticket #895 (new-id: remove "XXX Eddie" commented bits of obj-desc.c and ensure that ...) created by takkaria
09:30 Ticket #894 (new-id: object/identify.c needs a thorough commenting) created by takkaria
It's all a bit hacked together at the moment and not massively consistent.


20:33 Ticket #892 (new-id: wands and staffs ID'd without ID or use (but rods aren't)) closed by takkaria
fixed: fixed in r1489 merged in [1d8e083] (SVN r1526)
18:49 Ticket #294 (Dummy object recall issues) reopened by takkaria
Well, if it doesn't induce strange messages, then it should. This is …
16:20 Ticket #582 (Traps are boring) closed by magnate
duplicate: #426.
15:37 Ticket #33 (Flasks of oil and torches should have firebrand) closed by magnate
fixed: [4ea218d] (SVN r1488).
15:21 Ticket #294 (Dummy object recall issues) closed by magnate
fixed: I can no longer reproduce this so assume it has been fixed. Please reopen …
09:23 Ticket #606 (Macro's still use normal keyset when game is set for roguelike keys) closed by magnate
duplicate: #53.


12:32 Ticket #893 (Pickup fails when hitpoints low) created by noz
With hitpoint warning on (40%), pickup_always=yes, pickup_inven=yes, …


18:47 Ticket #892 (new-id: wands and staffs ID'd without ID or use (but rods aren't)) created by takkaria
17:46 Ticket #63 (Add support for automatically numbering characters ("Rocky IV")) reopened by magnate
I decided this really should be able to cope with numerals not starting at …
10:28 Ticket #881 (Inpsect needs a more prompt) closed by magnate
duplicate: #865.
09:21 Ticket #853 (Pricing anomalies) closed by magnate
fixed: [6deb8f9] (SVN r1479). Added big power boost for TR2_LITE on light …
04:27 Ticket #891 (Display player-turns in dumps) created by magnate
Backport from Un: http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=6803


18:01 Ticket #890 (Prevent generation of 'damaged' items in stores) closed by magnate
fixed: [8f6399a] (SVN r1478)
16:26 Ticket #885 (Add verbose argument to object_value_real()) closed by magnate
fixed: [705b0b1] (SVN r1477). The pricing.log file should now remain *much* …


10:05 Ticket #877 (Let me disable townspeople) closed by takkaria
wontfix: Sorry, I'm not adding an option for this, nor removing them for everyone.
09:31 Ticket #660 (Allow New Game/Load Game without Quitting) closed by ajps
duplicate: See #138.
09:19 Ticket #516 (Feature Request: Make 'repeat last command' only repeat in-game commands) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in [13c0a2f] (SVN r1436) (and the numerous bugfixes since). The …
09:13 Ticket #760 ('n' interacts oddly with inscribed ammo) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in [a409870] (SVN r1456).


17:12 Ticket #890 (Prevent generation of 'damaged' items in stores) created by magnate
By this I mean armour and weapons with negative modifiers to hit/dam/ac.
05:37 Ticket #889 (Wielding firestar causes it to prompt for a direction.) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in 1455. Not the nicest solution possible maybe, but fixed all the …


21:47 Ticket #889 (Wielding firestar causes it to prompt for a direction.) created by anonymous
Not sure why, perhaps the activation? Save attached.


16:08 Ticket #888 (CCW and CMW (almost) replicated) created by fph
The CCW and CMortalW priest/paladin spells are replicated in ?PB3 and …


16:20 Ticket #886 (repeat command ignores prompts) closed by ajps
fixed: Should be fixed in [4c09863] (SVN r1449) (for the low mana check) and …
04:05 Ticket #887 (Windows "open" and "new" hotkeys) created by fph
In the Windows version, File|New and File|Open should have a hotkey (and …


07:45 Ticket #886 (repeat command ignores prompts) created by anonymous
Since some revisions, the repeat command does not show any prompts …
04:41 Ticket #885 (Add verbose argument to object_value_real()) created by magnate
This will help solve two problems: the slow-down when redrawing the item …


17:29 Ticket #884 (Turn used when using wand/staff with no charges.) created by ajps
If you use a wand or staff with no charges left, it uses up a turn, …
17:22 Ticket #882 (Repeat command on zap ignores uncharged rods) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed in [11f8de5] (SVN r1445) - was an artifact of the repeat command …
11:50 Ticket #883 (Angband spends too much time updating the item list.) created by morth
Well, I accidently overwrote my savefile with my testing svn version, so …


21:42 Ticket #882 (Repeat command on zap ignores uncharged rods) created by sirridan
When using the repeat command (default key 'n') after zapping a rod, the …


09:37 Ticket #881 (Inpsect needs a more prompt) created by morth
The new inspect format is more verbose and can for some items (artifacts …
07:36 Ticket #880 (Dead keys do not work in OS X port) created by morth
When using for example a swedish keyboard layout, the ~ key is a dead key, …
07:26 Ticket #879 (Search the home) created by anonymous
I could really use some way to search my home. Say for example that I …


18:53 Ticket #878 (auto squelch worthless items breaks on restarted character) created by anonymous
When starting a new character based on a previously died one, and the auto …


17:46 Ticket #877 (Let me disable townspeople) created by anonymous
It would be very nice to have a birth option to disable the townspeople. …
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