06:12 Ticket #943 (Wand of teleport other has wrong symbol.) closed by magnate
fixed: [46c2a4f] (SVN r1663)
05:32 Ticket #960 (init_store_txt crashes the linker if ALLOW_TEMPLATES is off) created by magnate
The full error output is as follows: […] The melee2.c references can …
05:15 Ticket #891 (Display player-turns in dumps) closed by magnate


19:19 Ticket #959 (Make --enable-gtk require Pango) created by d_m
Aerdan points out on IRC that recent versions of GTK/GDK require Pango. …
16:48 Ticket #906 (Fix main-gtk compiler warnings) closed by d_m
fixed: closed in [a193b46] (SVN r1657).
16:05 Ticket #43 (Move random name lists into an external file) closed by magnate
fixed: [c55558a] (SVN r1656)


17:48 Ticket #949 (ACS_BULLET doesn't work on the linux console) closed by d_m
fixed: As per takkaria's directive, period is now the default floor for the GCU …
07:43 Ticket #368 (main-gcu should support dynamic resizing) closed by d_m
fixed: Commit 1652 closes this. However, it's worth noting that neither main-x11 …


23:57 Ticket #932 (Possible infinite loop bug) closed by d_m
fixed: Fixed in [dcfd877] (SVN r1651)
16:35 Ticket #956 (printf formatting issues in dumps) closed by d_m
fixed: fixed in [02fe78d] (SVN r1650)
16:22 Ticket #225 (Dungeon levels too big) closed by d_m
14:14 Ticket #958 (re-add broken/worn weapon/armor types) created by d_m
There seems to be a desire to have back some of the old classics (broken …
02:19 Ticket #957 (Display effect durations in player turns) created by magnate
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?p=23517#post23517


07:57 Ticket #956 (printf formatting issues in dumps) created by fph
I read in this (build 1642) dump …


23:42 Ticket #955 (Smeagol should have HURT_LITE) closed by d_m
fixed: fixed in HEAD


22:12 Ticket #955 (Smeagol should have HURT_LITE) created by josh@…
Bright light really ought to hurt Smeagol. Long years in the darkness …


17:25 Ticket #954 (Ring of Damage display.) created by Tragny
Rings of Damage should only display the damage enchantment and hide the …


17:24 Ticket #953 (Fix the slay cache w.r.t. ALLOW_TEMPLATES) created by magnate
If ALLOW_TEMPLATES is false, the edit file post-processing functions are …
15:45 Ticket #926 (Mention artifact activations in character dumps) closed by magnate
fixed: [a4033ba] (SVN r1639). Note that chardumps use the "terse" form of …
14:12 Ticket #952 (No solid walls under -mgtk) created by magnate
The gtk port does not appear to support the solid wall character, or the …
13:56 Ticket #831 (Rewrite or remove self_knowledge()) closed by magnate
fixed: [6dee137] (SVN r1637)
08:44 Ticket #951 (Increase base AC on heavy armour items) created by magnate
After reading http://takkaria.org/junkyard/angband-plan.txt I felt …
02:23 Ticket #950 (Save monster + everseen info to a player-specific knowledge file) created by magnate
Suggested by Buzzkill on the forum. I would implement this as an …


22:23 Ticket #915 ("The x pushes past y" messages should only happen when those monsters are ...) closed by d_m
fixed: Commit 1652 fixed this in HEAD and it is also fixed in 3.1.1.
18:08 Ticket #796 (NumPad does not work properly when using PuTTY (main-gcu)) closed by d_m
09:06 Ticket #949 (ACS_BULLET doesn't work on the linux console) created by d_m
In addition to using ACS_CBOARD for walls, the curses graphics also use …
03:52 Ticket #940 (Investigate reports of macros/keymaps not restoring properly) closed by nckmccnnll


02:20 Ticket #946 (Find a licence for the current sound files which is acceptable to Debian) closed by magnate
wontfix: Replying to takkaria: > I'm with ajps on 2. I don't like …


08:15 Ticket #948 (Corrupted messages when droping in the home) created by takkaria
'Whenever I drop something at home I receive corrupted messages like "You …
07:58 Ticket #947 (Angband crashes on exit if an edit file contains a syntax error) created by marcock@…
When an edit file contains a syntax error, Angband displays the error …


17:20 Ticket #946 (Find a licence for the current sound files which is acceptable to Debian) created by magnate
The current wording is "The sounds are freeware, whatever that means". …


14:12 Ticket #945 (Scrolls of Darkness don't ID rDark.) created by p mac
I've been wearing {special} leather armor for 20 levels, and I haven't …


04:18 Ticket #944 (1599: racial attributes not shown in character window) created by takkaria
00:42 Ticket #943 (Wand of teleport other has wrong symbol.) created by p mac
Symbol is = (ring); should be -.
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