12:45 Ticket #974 (Randarts: dragon scale mail) created by smegdwarf@…
A minor 'bug': I just found an artifact black dragon scale mail (very …


14:23 Ticket #973 (Wildcard (*) in stores accepts anykey) created by KZK
Does not affect using the Wildcard(*) to target creatures. When in a …


16:54 Ticket #972 (description of itens in store) created by anonymous
When pressing "l" to look at itens in store the description shows -item …
16:09 Ticket #971 (inconsitency in monster info and rod information) created by anonymous
I used a rod(unidentified) in a hairy mold L36. In the moster info it …


10:48 KeywordGuide edited by magnate
clarified that "macros" covers keymap issues (diff)


20:46 Ticket #970 (Wrong check when tracking a dead monster in monster_health_attr()) closed by d_m
fixed: fixed this and one other occurrence in the same file. thanks!
10:07 Ticket #970 (Wrong check when tracking a dead monster in monster_health_attr()) created by anonymous
xtra3.c, line 370: (!mon_list[p_ptr->health_who].hp < 0) "!" should be …


10:33 Ticket #969 (Bug in get_new_attr: always returns first element of array) closed by d_m
fixed: Fixed in [cb40ef1] (SVN r1678).
08:09 Ticket #969 (Bug in get_new_attr: always returns first element of array) created by magnate


15:39 Ticket #968 (character creation broken in nightly build) created by anonymous
using the nightly build, new characters have equipment bonuses and other …


20:27 Ticket #967 (Some artifacts not placed into history when found/ID'd) created by anonymous
in, find the Phial of Galadrial. Identify it by activating it, …


00:08 Ticket #966 (Repeat and Scrolls) created by KZK
AS a side affect of the changes made to the n repeat command, reading …


23:17 Ticket #965 (Importing savefile from previous version screws up objects in home) created by KZK
When I imported my existing savefile from the 3.1.0 version, it screwed up …
23:10 Ticket #964 (Keymap overwriting bug) created by KZK
When I changed the keymaps in the new 3.1.1 version, for t (T), T (t) and …
04:10 Ticket #962 (Method for detecting some cheating) closed by takkaria
wontfix: It's an idea, but the game has never tried to police cheaters and I don't …
00:02 Ticket #963 (Pathfinding) created by KZK
Angband and Zangband have very poorly written pathfinding. This ticket is …


21:52 Ticket #962 (Method for detecting some cheating) created by kzk
Simple Method for detecting a certain class of Cheating: 1. Create a new …


15:44 Ticket #961 (Remove raw file support) created by takkaria
What better place than here, what better time than now?


06:12 Ticket #943 (Wand of teleport other has wrong symbol.) closed by magnate
fixed: [46c2a4f] (SVN r1663)
05:32 Ticket #960 (init_store_txt crashes the linker if ALLOW_TEMPLATES is off) created by magnate
The full error output is as follows: […] The melee2.c references can …
05:15 Ticket #891 (Display player-turns in dumps) closed by magnate
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