15:53 Ticket #982 (Extra dice should not be displayed from afar) created by magnate
At the moment it's a big giveaway seeing a Longsword (4d5) after detecting …
08:34 Ticket #981 (Problems with randart light source activations) created by magnate
In my last two games the Phial has had the wrong activation: "When …
06:47 Ticket #929 ("I"nspect leaks info the player hasn't learned yet) closed by magnate
fixed: [b5479ca] (SVN r1694). It's not related to #294 after all, thanks to the …
04:35 Ticket #968 (character creation broken in nightly build) closed by magnate
worksforme: Closing as I cannot reproduce this in [a8af680] (SVN r1693) and nobody …
00:10 Ticket #816 (Random teleport and stores) closed by d_m
fixed: Changed the code that translates movement into "enter store" to make sure …


23:54 Ticket #973 (Wildcard (*) in stores accepts anykey) closed by d_m
fixed: As of [027f74f] (SVN r1692) only the star key (*) buys all.
17:35 Ticket #978 (Squelched unknown flavours show up in object knowledge menu) closed by magnate
17:07 Ticket #922 (Add "with +str/+dex you will get an extra blow" to object description ...) closed by magnate
fixed: [5b39bd7] (SVN r1688)
14:50 Ticket #980 (Having nothing to ID, or cancelling use of ID, should not take a turn) created by magnate
The exception being if it's an unIDd scroll or staff of ID - in which case …
14:46 Ticket #979 (Object knowledge menus give away artifact flavours) created by magnate
At the moment, all unknown ring and amulet flavours are shown on the …
14:38 Ticket #978 (Squelched unknown flavours show up in object knowledge menu) created by magnate
Steps to reproduce: 1. Start a new game - check that all squelch options …
14:32 Ticket #977 (Garbage in message recall window when dropping items in home) created by magnate
Confirmed for 1626 and 1687.
13:51 Ticket #976 (Artifact recall via knowledge menu should use known_flags) created by magnate
This is a special case of the problems identified in #294. Since there is …
13:45 Ticket #295 (Ego knowledge ('~') doesn't talk about possible hidden attributes) closed by magnate
fixed: This was fixed a long time ago: it's there in [ecd2dc2] (SVN r1318), when …
13:15 Ticket #972 (description of itens in store) closed by magnate
fixed: [a13ffb5] (SVN r1687).
13:10 Ticket #971 (inconsitency in monster info and rod information) closed by magnate
duplicate: It's a bug, but this is a duplicate of #708.


01:24 Ticket #975 (Potion of Dragon Breath can destroy itself and cause double-delete) closed by d_m
fixed: Fixed in [fb2f4ea] (SVN r1683). I was able to replicate it and after this …


19:18 Ticket #975 (Potion of Dragon Breath can destroy itself and cause double-delete) created by takkaria
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