09:44 Ticket #1126 (Enchant scrolls do not remember the selected item when repeating with 'n') closed by magnate
duplicate: See #966


17:41 Ticket #1126 (Enchant scrolls do not remember the selected item when repeating with 'n') created by konijn_
Whereas before it would. This is true for enchant to dam, to hit and to …
13:27 Ticket #1125 (r1950 .. just moving around, got this error) created by angbander@…
Assertion failed in angband.exe, file: z-bitflag.c line: 56 Expression: …


15:05 Ticket #1123 (Monster list incorrectly telling "aware" when a monster is seen) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [81286f9] (SVN r1950), thanks Tobias.


22:24 Ticket #1102 (Fix large bit flag fields) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [33262ef] (SVN r1948) See also #1101, #1124
22:23 Ticket #1124 (Consolidate flag data into list-* files) created by MarbleDice
Likely candidates include: * obj-info.c *_flags[] description table * …
15:10 Ticket #284 (TMJ tracking bug) closed by magnate
fixed: Closing as this is an old list and the focus is now on #720.


06:28 Ticket #1123 (Monster list incorrectly telling "aware" when a monster is seen) created by anonymous
When you see a monster in a lit room, sometimes the monster list displays …


16:12 Ticket #1122 (Incorrect number indication when item dropped in home) created by anonymous
The message about the drop mentions not the number of objects dropped, but …
09:21 Ticket #1121 (SDL bug with 'bool') created by magnate
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=2884 IIUC V is not …


12:46 Ticket #1120 (Clean up squelch messages) created by MarbleDice
Automatically dropping a squelched item on pseudo is unusually verbose. …
12:45 Ticket #1119 (Add burden stats to inventory sub-window) created by MarbleDice
It's displayed in the main window, just not the terminal sub-window. …


19:49 Ticket #1118 (Use a more accurate distance function) created by takkaria
See angband-dev thread: …


09:59 Ticket #1117 (Error parsing users prf) created by freevryheid@…
Error 1 in line 10 of file <pointer to user.prf> Parsing 'K:0:0x01:0x26' …


21:56 Milestone 3.1.2v2 completed
Bugfix release for 3.1.2


23:37 Ticket #1116 (Changing squelch options should trigger item drops) created by takkaria
From oook, "I'm carrying a squelchable item in my inventory and I drop …
23:34 Ticket #1115 (Improve squelch UI) created by takkaria
Someone on oook said, "It's annoying that I can't e(x)amine items in the …
23:32 Ticket #1114 (Use Sparkle for automatic game updates on OS X) created by takkaria
Sparkle is a free framework for automatic software update on OS X: …
23:29 Ticket #1113 (Take a look at stealth and monster detection) created by takkaria
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=2293 does a good job of …


22:41 Ticket #1112 (Invisible Kobolds and Cave Bears on OSX) created by benburch@…
Hi! I have noticed that Kobold Archers, Kobold Shamans and Cave Bears (at …
14:43 Ticket #572 (Avoid unavoidable deaths) reopened by d_m
I didn't mean to close this, just to comment on it.
14:42 Ticket #1097 (Drop 16-colour support) closed by magnate
wontfix: Ah. I opened the ticket because I thought linux consoles *could* support …


12:53 Ticket #1105 (Saving doesn't work on OS X w/ fresh Angband install) closed by d_m
fixed: Believed fixed in [c847a8b] (SVN r1934)
02:43 Ticket #572 (Avoid unavoidable deaths) closed by d_m
fixed: The weird thing about Magnate's proposed fix is that it would mean that …
02:40 Ticket #1029 (Make "fire at nearest" command work for rogue key bindings also) closed by d_m
fixed: Fixed in [acf7c61] (SVN r1933)
01:57 Ticket #1028 (Quiver possibly overwrites/deletes/loses/combines average,good,great ammo) closed by d_m
fixed: This is actually believed fixed. I think it was fixed in [bd9a869] (SVN …


10:44 Ticket #1111 (Item lists are right aligned) created by MarbleDice
This is a problem for terminal widths of unusual size, where the item …


05:15 Ticket #1110 (Selling issues in shops with use-by-ID) created by takkaria
Eddie said: "I've noticed that identified status seems to make more of a …
05:12 Ticket #1109 (Investigate whether money drops are lower now than before) created by takkaria
Since the increased variance in gold drops was introduced, people have …
05:10 Ticket #1108 (Add no_selling option) created by takkaria
Disables selling & increases gold drops to compensate.


15:38 Ticket #931 (Turn off pricing.log) closed by magnate
fixed: Turned off in [af6a52e] (SVN r1930) in response to lag issues playing from …


17:47 Ticket #1107 (Wrong colours reported in gcu port) closed by d_m
fixed: fixed in [96a0755] (SVN r1928)


22:25 Ticket #1107 (Wrong colours reported in gcu port) created by takkaria
See …
21:35 Ticket #1106 ("It draws psychic energy from you!" message seen whilst playing a warrior) created by takkaria
16:28 Ticket #1105 (Saving doesn't work on OS X w/ fresh Angband install) created by takkaria
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=2806 I think this might …
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