00:45 Ticket #1139 (actions menu doesn't work with repeating actions) created by david20708@…
I'm working on my port of Angband to Android to add support for devices …


07:13 Ticket #1138 (Cheap potions of *healing*) created by anonymous
In [c029302] (SVN r1004): "Make CCW/Healing/etc. less nutritious" I …


20:04 Ticket #1137 (graphic glitch while running) created by rashidikins@…
While running through the dungeons (shift + direction), an image of the …
19:14 Ticket #1136 (Feature Req: Quick option to resize the graphics to match the tileset.) created by rashidikins@…
The "Increase/Decrease? Tile Width/Height?" menu options currently alter the …
18:45 Ticket #1135 (No sound plays in shops) created by rashidikins@…
Sounds are assigned, and are playing elsewhere in the game. However all …


05:09 Ticket #1134 (Update spoilers and angband-doc package) created by magnate
After angband-audio (#919), it would be nice to update angband-doc, which …


15:16 Ticket #1133 (Rods marked {tried} on failed zap) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [232f83d] (SVN r1961)


10:11 Ticket #1133 (Rods marked {tried} on failed zap) created by MarbleDice
They shouldn't be marked tried until you succeed. …
09:17 Ticket #1132 (Refueling a normal torch with a torch of Brightness) created by anonymous
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this combines the two torches... eating the …


14:54 Ticket #1122 (Incorrect number indication when item dropped in home) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [63e3d51] (SVN r1960)


23:54 Ticket #1119 (Add burden stats to inventory sub-window) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [07df28f] (SVN r1959)
00:05 Ticket #1131 (Sort out squelch_worthless inconsistencies) created by MarbleDice
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?p=31343


22:15 Ticket #1130 (Forgotten spells may still be cast) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [de54347] (SVN r1956)
21:43 Ticket #1130 (Forgotten spells may still be cast) created by MarbleDice
21:36 Ticket #1129 (Modified launcher multipliers not displayed in stores) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [ff04ed7] (SVN r1955)
21:19 Ticket #1129 (Modified launcher multipliers not displayed in stores) created by MarbleDice
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