15:42 Ticket #1151 (max object level generation not always enforced) created by eddiegrove@…
Every so often, I find a too-deep object such as a potion of toughness at …


13:43 Ticket #1150 (Inhibit overly powerful randarts) created by magnate
While uber-randarts are fun, they appear to be occurring too frequently. …


11:45 Ticket #1149 (load of gtk-settings.prf does not accept nonpositive window positions.) created by anonymous
Line 1310 in main-gtk.c says (rev. 1967): if ((td->location.x <= 0) && …


12:52 Ticket #1147 (don't reduce energy on load) closed by magnate
duplicate: Already reported as #1058. See also #572.


07:31 Ticket #1148 (Detect Enchantment Not Shown in Resistance of Scarabtarices Magic Book) closed by takkaria


09:59 Ticket #1148 (Detect Enchantment Not Shown in Resistance of Scarabtarices Magic Book) created by lux
I'm playing Angband 3.1.2v2 on Mac OS X 10.6.3. At level 30, I learned the …


23:07 Ticket #1147 (don't reduce energy on load) created by eddiegrove@…
08:58 Ticket #1146 (Rings of Escaping too powerful for Rangers) created by anonymous
Rings of Escaping are way overpowered when playing a Ranger: they're …


06:05 Ticket #1145 (Afraid monsters should fail to cast spells) created by anonymous
[bbbc758] (SVN r1090): being afraid adds a 20% failure chance to …


10:31 Ticket #1144 (Player not told when timed effect increases) created by anonymous
[15350d4] (SVN r1067): Tell the player when timed effects increase or …
06:07 Ticket #1143 (Darkness only works in the dungeon at night) created by anonymous
[dc32de6] (SVN r1050): Fix long-standing bug where darkness can un-light …


15:55 Ticket #1106 ("It draws psychic energy from you!" message seen whilst playing a warrior) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [0605d26] (SVN r1944)
15:54 Ticket #759 (Number of blows not right on birth screen) closed by MarbleDice
fixed: [0605d26] (SVN r1944)
15:36 Ticket #1142 (Full screen takes all resources) created by han@…
Hi, when I run angband-3.1.2_p2 in full screen mode using the X variation …
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