07:37 Ticket #1177 (Weapon damage description can show 2 figures if *slay* and slay are ...) closed by magnate
fixed: [d86bfc4] (SVN r2004)
04:00 Ticket #1178 (Monster light comes through walls) created by magnate
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=3504


02:06 Ticket #1177 (Weapon damage description can show 2 figures if *slay* and slay are ...) created by noz
If for example, you have an off-weapon slay, and an on-weapon *slay* for …


06:56 Ticket #1176 (Monster recall fails in subwindow with flickering monsters) created by noz
If you share monster recall and monster list in a subwindow, it is not …


16:39 Ticket #1175 (Stack items when dropping) created by magnate


18:13 Ticket #1174 (Targeting anomalies with x7 launchers) created by magnate
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=3474 Of course, we could …


14:56 Ticket #1173 (Multiple Allocation lines broken) created by magnate
Not confirmed yet, but see this thread: …


23:34 Ticket #527 (Add a monster light patch) closed by d_m
fixed: Ported from NPP as I couldn't find any reference to the Nangband patch (or …
11:25 Ticket #1118 (Use a more accurate distance function) closed by d_m
fixed: Patched in [6d4bc84] (SVN r1988).
06:33 Ticket #1167 (Fix preserve off mode) closed by magnate
fixed: [f02f849] (SVN r1987). Artifacts are now properly lost when playing with …


17:51 Ticket #1172 (Suggestion for change to monster memory display format) created by Tom
Here is an idea for a change in the format of the monster memory: […] …


13:50 Ticket #1171 (Turn off "Study" message when there are no available spells in currently ...) created by Tom
I would like to see the "Study" message displayed only when there is a …


06:00 Ticket #1170 (v3.1.2r1981 Small bug with Player History and drained levels.) created by Twilight <twilight_forest@…>
I noticed this when gaining a maximum level while drained. When you're …


07:56 Ticket #1169 ((#1168) Small bugfix for the message color patch (r1981)) created by Twilight <twilight_forest@…>
Non-critical hits with ranged/thrown attacks did not get a message. I …


05:53 Ticket #1168 (Patch for message color vs 3.1.2r1980) created by Tomas Dedorson <twilight_forest@…>
I started this patch for personal use, but thought I'd send this patch as …


11:02 Ticket #1144 (Player not told when timed effect increases) closed by magnate
fixed: [9de786d] (SVN r1980) - thanks.
10:58 Ticket #1143 (Darkness only works in the dungeon at night) closed by magnate
fixed: [d77e4a9] (SVN r1979)
08:38 Ticket #503 (Resuscitate screen dumps from within stores) closed by magnate
wontfix: As promised, closing as wontfix now that #256 is done. Happy for someone …
08:36 Ticket #256 (Allow review of store and home contents via the knowledge menu) closed by magnate
fixed: [5926cab] (SVN r1977)
03:58 Ticket #1154 (Number of blows wrong when examining +blows items) closed by magnate
fixed: [0a800bb] (SVN r1975) (thanks to Eddie)
03:41 Ticket #1075 (Make -r option work properly again) closed by magnate
fixed: [a1a3ee6] (SVN r1974) - thanks.
02:59 Ticket #1167 (Fix preserve off mode) created by magnate
At the moment it only shows identified-then-lost artifacts. With preserve …


15:53 Ticket #1166 ([patch] Add option to disable <enter> command menu) closed by magnate
wontfix: Per Takkaria above.


00:17 Ticket #1166 ([patch] Add option to disable <enter> command menu) created by anonymous
Hi all, Here's a little patch to add an opition to disable the "command …


14:35 Ticket #1165 (Collect stats on randarts) created by magnate
One good way to measure the validity of the randart generator is to …
14:12 Ticket #1164 (Improve the item list) created by magnate
This is the second part of #1162. IMO it's quite a lot of work for minimal …
13:31 Ticket #1146 (Rings of Escaping too powerful for Rangers) closed by magnate
wontfix: There are only two ring slots, so rangers wanting +8 speed won't be …
13:17 WikiStart edited by magnate
Fix previous change (diff)
13:17 WikiStart edited by magnate
Update 3.1.2 ticket list link to 3.1.3 (diff)
11:50 Ticket #1163 (Separate damage resistance from effect resistance) created by magnate


18:35 Ticket #1162 (Press a key to make @ flash briefly) created by Tom
Hi, I had a couple of requests to reduce the amount of time spent staring …
16:56 Ticket #1161 (Split the object list into LOS and aware) created by magnate
... like the monster list.
16:38 Ticket #1160 (Store prices go crazy) created by magnate
Very occasional hard-to-reproduce bug: …
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