11:47 Ticket #1186 (object_is_jewelry() defined twice in defines.h) created by anonymous
Very minor code cleanup…


23:31 Ticket #1185 ([r2040] Unarmed attacks that hit get no message.) created by twilight_forest@…
There's a small bug when punches (unarmed hits) did not get a message. I …


08:15 Ticket #1184 (Bug (possible) with rating (level feelings) for OOD objects in r2038) created by twilight_forest@…
I noticed that you get a lot of good feelings etc nowadays and checked out …


15:39 Ticket #1139 (actions menu doesn't work with repeating actions) closed by ajps
fixed: Fixed as a side-effect of [1fae911] (SVN r2032). Which is nice.


13:20 Ticket #1160 (Store prices go crazy) closed by magnate
fixed: [532aabe] (SVN r2027) - thanks to jbu


11:56 Ticket #1169 ((#1168) Small bugfix for the message color patch (r1981)) closed by d_m
fixed: Fixed in [6def6e0] (SVN r2021). Thanks for the patch!


14:06 Ticket #1183 (Allow resists to protect items from damage) closed by magnate
fixed: [cfbf542] (SVN r2019)
11:35 Ticket #1183 (Allow resists to protect items from damage) created by magnate
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=3531 View is that moving …


15:31 Ticket #1182 (Changes to regen) created by magnate
From Oook, two possibilities: 1. Split hp regen from mana regen - could …


12:56 Ticket #1181 (Make general store buying habits consistent) created by magnate
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=3516 This is because the …


10:27 Ticket #1180 (Slay power problems) closed by magnate
fixed: [387f205] (SVN r2014). It was a bitflag hangover, and it seems to have …
07:07 Ticket #1180 (Slay power problems) created by magnate
The slay code is now rating slay troll at 3.000 instead of 1.013 There is …


09:17 Ticket #1031 (Check difficulties of various devices) closed by magnate
worksforme: Closing after seven months with no negative feedback. [9543a76] (SVN …
08:31 Ticket #1118 (Use a more accurate distance function) reopened by magnate
Rolled back at [d821458] (SVN r1995) due to overlaps with LOS/DFOV issues …
05:04 Ticket #1142 (Full screen takes all resources) closed by magnate
fixed: [fb95951] (SVN r2009)
03:08 Ticket #951 (Increase base AC on heavy armour items) closed by magnate
fixed: [b0b2d91] (SVN r2008)
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