19:07 Ticket #1388 (Traps on trap detection borders should not change colour) created by takkaria


08:03 Ticket #1387 (Charged items thrown from a stack have too many charges) created by magnate
06:08 Ticket #1386 (Sort brands by damage) created by ycombinator
Implementation of Derakon's idea (see …


07:55 Ticket #1385 (F5 & F6 keys both return F5) created by Faust
04:06 Ticket #1384 (Bugged vault: Curlicues One) created by Zaxx
There's an incomplete line, and the vault isn't symmetrical anymore. The …


17:39 Ticket #1383 (earthquake weapons + fractional blows = weirdness) created by d_m
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?p=50409#post50409


04:43 Ticket #1382 (OoD objects should not decrease level feeling) created by Zaxx
Continuation of #1184. See also #1364. I'll take the same example: potion …


16:48 Ticket #1381 (Split up describe_combat() in obj-info.c) created by magnate
It's way too big. The extra blows stuff can go out into describe_blows for …


08:54 Ticket #1380 (Problem with 5x8x font) created by Zaxx
Open the 5x8x.fon file with Windows' font viewer: uppercase and lowercase …


10:43 Ticket #1379 (Ctrl-x should have the same behaviour as the Quit button) created by magnate
According to http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=4234, the …


13:53 Ticket #1378 (Keymap adding is a bit screwy, doesn't let you input 'Return' in a keymap) created by takkaria
see e.g. http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=50009&postcount=13


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16:22 StatsHowTo created by fizzix


19:14 Ticket #1377 (Copyright notices are inconsistent.) created by myshkin
The copyright notice embedded in the executable (see variable.c) is out of …
05:42 Ticket #1376 (Extract text strings for monster spells to an edit file) created by magnate
Like monster pain messages. Very like that, in fact. The refactor that …


05:07 Ticket #1375 (Add Mac OS X support to configure.ac and version.sh support to the Mac ...) created by myshkin
Remove the need for Makefile.osx by allowing Mac users to run …


21:01 Ticket #1374 (Loading window preferences doesn't work) created by Derakon
When you create a new character and load a pref file, it loads the window …


17:37 Ticket #1371 (gruesome bug leaps and then segfault at C-x; reproducible) closed by mikon
worksforme: It was crashing when exiting with X. But now I've done 'make clean; make' …
03:51 Ticket #1373 (Special artifacts appearing in squelch menus?) created by nckmccnnll
In the squelch menu, under "Amulets" there is a type listed as "Amulet". …


07:08 Ticket #1372 (gruesome bug leaps and then segfault at C-x; reproducible) closed by mikon
07:02 Ticket #1372 (gruesome bug leaps and then segfault at C-x; reproducible) created by mikon
I does not let me append the right save file to the previous ticket ("The …


19:06 Ticket #1371 (gruesome bug leaps and then segfault at C-x; reproducible) created by mikon
mikolaj@bratek:~/repos/angband$ uname -a Linux bratek 2.6.32-28-generic …
13:57 Ticket #1370 (Pricing overflow) created by magnate
This is a direct consequence of me underestimating the time lag between …


08:13 Ticket #679 (High-level mages get told they can learn 1 more spell when there are no ...) reopened by magnate
Now a problem for priests since merging detect traps/doors/stairs. See …
06:46 Ticket #1369 (Rebalance ego DSMs) created by magnate
I think it is generally agreed that ego DSMs, while interesting, are …


03:57 Ticket #1368 (wizmode: cope with negative values when tweaking objects) created by magnate
Entering a negative +ac value for a ring of protection causes a crash with …
03:54 Ticket #1367 (Add [c]ursed option to the "tweak object" wizmode command) created by magnate
This would be helpful when debugging issues like #1336. See also #1368.
03:08 Ticket #1363 (Remaining unique monster colouring problems) closed by magnate
fixed: Now in master, [r95cf0e20]
03:07 Ticket #1362 (Incorrect field of view update for HAS_LITE monsters) closed by magnate
fixed: Now in master, [rf1cf528b]
03:06 Ticket #1349 (Superfluous & in call of memset() for known flags in rd_item()) closed by magnate
fixed: Now in master, [rcb74d440]
03:05 Ticket #1345 (inconsistent damage sides in standarts) closed by magnate
fixed: Now in master, [r25120068]


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18:41 Ticket #1366 (wand of dragon breath not learned with use) created by eddiegrove
I aimed an unaware wand of dragon breath down a corridor toward a bend, in …
14:09 Ticket #1365 (Normal DSMs don't contribute to level rating) closed by myshkin
fixed: Thanks, Zaxx. I'm closing the ticket. By the way, even if you don't have …
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