08:11 Ticket #1527 (Fix gold from chests under no_selling) created by magnate
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=4850 drop_gold() need to …
08:02 Ticket #1526 (Mimics and monster attacks) created by GabeCunningham
Mimics should either quietly take monster attacks or else the player …
05:31 Ticket #1525 (create_needed_dirs() should not try to create anything under /usr or /etc) created by SaThaRiel
Hi, the current dev version (git) doesnt compile correctly on Linux …


06:49 Ticket #1524 (Remove the various huge *_info arrays, thus removing the need for maxima) created by takkaria
Elly started work on this a while ago, but it's quite tricky. In order to …


23:14 Ticket #1523 (Keymaps (e.g. the rogue-like keys) can be disabled by Num Lock in trunk) created by rriegs
It took me forever to figure out what was going on, but it looks like Num …
17:32 Ticket #1522 (BuildSystem fails to install libdatadir, configdir) created by rriegs
mk/buildsys.mk.in references ${DATA} and ${datadir} while the …


01:41 Ticket #1521 (crash with randarts) created by blackdog
I picked up a randart phial, and it crashes immediately. flag is 12 kidx …


13:37 Ticket #1520 (Remove Satisfy Hunger) created by takkaria
There's no consensus around this in the community yet, but both d_m and I …
07:19 Ticket #1519 (Fix monster_desc) created by magnate
While fixing #1515 I noticed a couple of problems with monster_desc that I …


17:31 Ticket #1518 (Logic error in randart slay frequency calc) closed by magnate
fixed: In 3.3-release as of [rb244b9a]
17:31 Ticket #1513 (Ensure that PDSM can't get Resistance ego) closed by magnate
fixed: In 3.3-release as of [rb244b9a]
16:01 Ticket #1498 (Update Nomad's tiles) closed by magnate
fixed: [r84b9ec715] Thanks Blubaron (and Nomad, of course).
15:51 Ticket #1462 (Crash loading a graphics .prf file in ascii mode) closed by magnate
15:51 Ticket #1461 (Game deletes <savefile>.old and <savefile>.new when saving) closed by magnate
15:46 Ticket #1156 (Revisit stacks of consumables.) closed by magnate
fixed: In master a week or two ago.
05:36 Ticket #1518 (Logic error in randart slay frequency calc) created by magnate


10:59 Ticket #1517 (Crash if too many items displayed) created by magnate
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=4827 Savefile attached to …


03:09 Ticket #1516 (Monster fear lasts for too long) created by magnate


06:03 Ticket #1515 (Devices IDd on unseen monsters should give feedback) created by magnate
05:47 Ticket #1514 (Nerf object detection) created by magnate
Further down http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=4785 there's a …
05:45 Ticket #1513 (Ensure that PDSM can't get Resistance ego) created by magnate


22:13 Ticket #1512 (use of S_IREAD and S_IWRITE in z-file.c) created by david3x3x3
I don't think these macros are very portable. The code no longer compiles …


18:49 Ticket #1511 (Shift+Keypad doesn't run in GTK mode) created by daniel.santos
Using shift and the number pad does not cause your character to run.


18:44 Ticket #1510 (Package 3.3.x for Debian) created by magnate
16:34 GitUsage edited by magnate
Made PullRequest? a sub-page of GitUsage (diff)
16:33 GitUsage edited by magnate
Added link to new PullRequest? page (diff)


16:48 Ticket #1509 (Save entire message history) created by magnate
It'd be nice to have an entire game's message history saved - probably to …
15:36 Ticket #1508 (Mimics need full camouflage in tile mode) created by magnate


10:31 Ticket #1507 (Rebalance to-hit vs AC) created by magnate
Prior to the major rewrite implied by #1446, we need to adjust to-hit vs. …
10:09 Ticket #1506 (Feeling tiles should be invisible) created by magnate
10:07 Ticket #1505 (Squelching unknown flavours causes oddness) created by magnate
10:05 Ticket #1504 (Tidy up lighting code) created by magnate


01:32 Ticket #1503 (Finish visual editing UI) created by Timo
Visual editing UI currently lacks: 1) changing feature lite state at …


14:53 Ticket #1502 (Create a master message buffer) created by GabeCunningham
Message-handling is a mess. We often run into problems where we want two …
13:59 Ticket #1501 (Sort out toggling of options) created by magnate
't' and Enter should both toggle options. Need to check that this is the …
13:37 Ticket #1500 (Check article handling in messages) created by magnate
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=4741 Maybe we should …


08:31 Ticket #1499 (Replace indices in function calls with pointers) created by GabeCunningham
For many functions, we pass around r_idx, and then right away get the …
06:07 Ticket #1498 (Update Nomad's tiles) created by magnate
This should have gone into 3.3.0 but we forgot because there was no …
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