03:41 Ticket #1615 (Note-taking buffer should match history dump buffer exactly) created by magnate
03:37 Ticket #1614 (Enchant weapon needs to understand finesse and prowess) created by magnate
So the numbers need increasing by a factor of 5 or so, and the names need …


15:43 Goals for 3.4 edited by magnate
Noted 2.5D walls (diff)


06:21 Ticket #1613 (Use Buzzkill's UT32 tileset) created by magnate
02:17 Ticket #1612 (Detect trap border interacting poorly with solid walls in GCU) created by d_m
We handle the colors wrong on the trap detection border when reversing the …
02:10 Ticket #1611 (itemlist subwindow interferes with list item command) created by d_m
I have an itemlist subwindow which is sized to only display one item. So …


13:31 Ticket #1610 (OS X build crashes at startup for PPC 10.5.8) created by myshkin
See report at [http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=4096 oook …


05:24 Ticket #1608 (Barahir has duplicate level info) closed by magnate
invalid: Ooops, this is WAD (see #1173).
05:21 Ticket #1609 (Solar Power - How to Install Solar Power at Your Home) closed by magnate


23:56 Ticket #1609 (Solar Power - How to Install Solar Power at Your Home) created by solarpower55
Spam - banned.
03:23 Ticket #1608 (Barahir has duplicate level info) created by magnate


17:46 AgendaDec edited by magnate
Added V-to-v4 porting item (diff)
17:45 Goals for 3.4 edited by magnate
Linked to takkaria's latest post (diff)
17:32 Ticket #1607 (Summary flag screens for inventory and home) created by magnate
Just like the second screen of the character sheet currently does for worn …


04:00 Ticket #1606 (Menu of items to sell does not match inventory slots) created by magnate


11:01 Ticket #1605 (Learning an attribute sometimes does not learn its rune) created by magnate
05:43 GitUsage/PullRequest edited by magnate
05:42 GitUsage/PullRequest edited by magnate
More clarity on new branches (diff)
05:33 GitUsage/PullRequest edited by magnate
Added notes re v4 and rebase -i (diff)


02:17 Ticket #1604 ('K' as unignore conflicts with run north in the roguelike keyset) created by nckmccnnll
Actually, all the capital directions as running with the roguelike keys …


18:56 Goals for 3.4 edited by magnate
Added #757 (diff)
09:50 Ticket #1603 (DROP_GOOD still present on non_uniques) created by PowerWyrm
Commit ce255384ac199d7afde58daec65d18812885b102 removed DROP_GOOD from all …


21:14 Ticket #1602 (The Mac OS X ports do not handle UTF-8 correctly.) created by myshkin
Both the Carbon port and the Cocoa port need further work to support …
07:24 Ticket #1601 (monster.txt and poison resistance) created by PowerWyrm
Commit b695d461be8258747320cf7f6cbe52779c614210 added a lot of useless …


06:50 Ticket #1600 (Create master table for legal affixes) created by magnate
obj_find_affix is a huge timesink. It should work like choosing a base …
06:47 Ticket #1599 (Split up improve_attack_modifier) created by magnate
One of the biggest contributors to slow stats, this should *only* deal …
06:05 Ticket #1598 (Replace pseudoID) created by magnate
http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=5162 seems to point towards …
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