14:02 Ticket #1433 (AI: monsters with passwall get confused by permarock) closed by fizzix
fixed (in master): This is fixed in master by causing passwall monsters to revert to normal …
00:23 Ticket #1702 (Lurkers appearing when Reveal Monsters is cast, but not added to monster ...) created by daniel.santos
When casting Reveal Monsters, Lurkers will be visually shown, but …


20:20 Ticket #1701 (OS X release cleanup) created by myshkin
At the very least, the released .dmg should not have any references to …


15:23 Ticket #1700 (New playable race: Pixie) created by daniel.santos
OK, this is another experiment in anomalous races. This one isn't working …


11:46 Goals for 3.5 edited by fizzix
11:36 Ticket #1699 (autosave disabled because of allow_borg) created by fizzix
need to check for borg_active in the autosave loop to allow for autosaves. …


15:47 Goals for 3.5 created by fizzix
15:33 ToDiscuss edited by fizzix
15:23 Ticket #1698 (Windows does not remember tile size on restart) created by fizzix
Tile size always reverts to default on restart.
13:27 Ticket #1695 (Cocoa port hangs when user quits during prompt) closed by fizzix
fixed (in master)


18:01 UTF8Notes edited by nckmccnnll
Update to Android info (from david3x3x3) (diff)


19:12 Ticket #888 (CCW and CMW (almost) replicated) reopened by damerell
I'm reopening this because I think the original reporter's issue was …
10:11 Ticket #1697 (Seen mimics disappear too early when squelched) created by magnate
If you see a mimic as opposed to detecting it, and you duck out of sight …
07:05 Ticket #1696 (How to deal with a smart way of weight lossing?) closed by PowerWyrm
invalid: Stupid spammers…


09:46 Ticket #1696 (How to deal with a smart way of weight lossing?) created by stopeatreviews6


20:00 Milestone 3.4.1 completed
The inevitable bugfix release for 3.4.0


23:07 Ticket #1695 (Cocoa port hangs when user quits during prompt) created by Derakon
On the OSX Cocoa port, if you quit (Cmd+Q) while in a store, viewing …
20:02 Ticket #1669 (Lots of extraneous Term_refresh calls impacting performance on OS X Lion ...) closed by myshkin
fixed (in master): Closed in commit 8ebbfb5 of master, with some help from 3657a68. Thanks …


04:09 Ticket #1678 (Movement by mouse click doesn't work in the Cocoa port.) closed by myshkin
fixed (in master): I added support for mouse clicks in commit 08ab3b9 of master.
02:37 Ticket #1663 (Game crashes when launched in OSX) closed by myshkin
wontfix: Closing as WONTFIX. If anyone sees this behavior on 10.5 or newer, please …
02:12 Ticket #1694 (Veins don't light up properly under some circumstances in text mode.) created by Red
When in text mode, the veins (magma/quartz) usually don't light up …
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