09:26 Ticket #1755 (Pushing or trampling should reveal mimics) created by PowerWyrm
"You see a Potion of Speed. The Fire Elemental tramples over the Potion …
08:49 Ticket #1754 (Wrong message displayed when damaging a "mimicked" object) created by PowerWyrm
Using a wand of cold balls on a potion will give the following message: …


18:59 Ticket #1753 (Inscribing items in the quiver causes a crash) created by myshkin
In #angband-dev, Amnekian reported that starting a new character, buying …


16:32 Ticket #1752 (Randart artifact lights get radius 2 light) created by myshkin
Randart artifact lights have radius 2+randint0(2) light, and thus tend to …


16:12 Ticket #1492 (Add more ESCORT / FRIEND improvements) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Fixed in 9e6bc71


08:38 Ticket #887 (Windows "open" and "new" hotkeys) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Actually fixed now.
02:01 Ticket #296 (Shutdown bug on Windows) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): OK, now fixed for real in 436200a


23:58 Ticket #1751 (cavern_gen not providing permanent walls, I think?) created by seebs
So, I have a save in which I can crash out with an assertion failure for …


14:15 Ticket #1742 (Remove Charisma from the game) closed by takkaria
fixed (in master): Now merged.
09:20 Ticket #1750 (Update help on birth options) created by magnate
As of comp 138, the help text for birth options is very out of date. It …
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