20:15 Ticket #1955 (Artifacts not appearing) created by nckmccnnll
Attempted fix for this in 033e881 may not have worked.
20:13 Ticket #1954 (Assertion fail in square_istrap()) created by nckmccnnll
"In fight against Ibun I got assertion fail version: 4.0.2 file: …
20:09 Ticket #1953 (Quiver menu hangs) created by nckmccnnll
"If you have nothing in your quiver and you press 'e' then '|' then an …
20:08 Ticket #1952 (Inventory header too long) created by nckmccnnll
eg "(Inventory) Burden 15.7 lb (164.2 lb remaining). Select Item: (Inven: …
20:06 Ticket #1951 (Visual glitches when running) created by nckmccnnll
This is an effect of ecca701, the fix to game slowdown, that 3629e25 may …
20:04 Ticket #1950 (Auto-ignore interferes with detection) created by nckmccnnll
"Cast detect monsters (or, I assume any related single-turn detection). If …


17:10 Ticket #1949 (OSX crash on moving monster list window) created by nckmccnnll
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=103942&postcount=94
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