17:56 Ticket #1970 (Object and monster list updates) created by nckmccnnll
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=109006&postcount=88


06:04 Ticket #919 (Create angband-audio package for Debian) closed by magnate
fixed (in master): Finally accepted into Debian Unstable in July 2015, a mere five years …


22:21 Ticket #1965 (Double labels) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 4b986ae
22:21 Ticket #1968 (Spell browser not wiped) closed by nckmccnnll
worksforme: Can't reproduce this
22:20 Ticket #1969 (Remove 'B'ash from help) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 16d9587


07:24 Ticket #1967 (Flicker with center_player) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 7e09879


16:13 Ticket #1969 (Remove 'B'ash from help) created by nckmccnnll
"The in-game documentation (i.e. hit '?' and select "command …
16:11 Ticket #1968 (Spell browser not wiped) created by nckmccnnll
Long spell descriptions leave stuff behind on the screen - see …
15:59 Ticket #1913 (Tile problems) reopened by nckmccnnll
"I'm in melee with a monster, and suddenly the monster disappears from …
15:57 Ticket #1947 (Sound broken on (at least) Windows) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): PowerWyrm's fix implemented in 352ab23 (master), seems to work.
15:53 Ticket #1967 (Flicker with center_player) created by nckmccnnll
"I'm used to playing with continuous centering. When I move, the character …
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