16:10 Ticket #2066 (Bad teleport range) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master)
14:59 Ticket #2070 (Morgoth has no SPIRIT) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 36a9d84ff


15:36 Ticket #2081 (Add windows console compiling instructions) created by nckmccnnll
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=133963&postcount=1


16:39 Ticket #2080 (Stores not accepting unID'd armour) created by nckmccnnll
"stores will not accept unidentified armor, not even for free. (I had a …
16:33 Ticket #2079 (Object spoiler improvements) created by nckmccnnll
"In obj-desc.spo listing the items power in the column level is confusing. …


18:44 Ticket #2061 (Tiles for passable rubble) reopened by nckmccnnll
Seems not completely done
16:05 Ticket #2078 (Help file updates) created by nckmccnnll
For example: "outdated dungeon.txt: * "Each level has at least one up …
16:04 Ticket #2077 (map view problems) created by nckmccnnll
"map view often doesn't refresh correctly: you can see your own character …


18:08 Ticket #1488 (Too many actions are possible while confused) closed by nckmccnnll
wontfix: IMHO current attitude is appropriate - actions can be attempted confused, …
18:01 Ticket #746 (Replace branding spells and prayers with temporary brand) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Permanent brands removed with new classes for 4.2.
17:57 Ticket #488 (Make monster status changes (confuse/sleep/scare) effective and useful) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Done by takkaria for 4.1.0
16:30 Ticket #2076 (Recharge too powerful) created by nckmccnnll
Reported multiple times, including: "1) I can recharge wands as much as I …
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