21:23 Ticket #2104 (Flicker on shapechange) created by nckmccnnll
Suggestion by Grotug here …


18:33 Ticket #2103 (Curses: object appears to have a curse when it doesn't) created by nckmccnnll
Encountered an example where obj->curses was null but obj->known->curses …


15:12 Ticket #2102 (Standardise order of lines in data files) created by nckmccnnll
Suggested by Thraalbee, helps readability both by humans and by helpful …


15:04 Ticket #2101 (Make hunger a timed effect) created by nckmccnnll
This should work fine as for cut, stun and bloodlust


20:08 Ticket #2100 (Monsters stupidly entering lava) created by nckmccnnll
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=135626&postcount=81
20:07 Ticket #2098 (Shovel weirdness) closed by nckmccnnll
fixed (in master): Fixed in 831a37496


20:49 Ticket #2099 (Yellow light option not working?) created by nckmccnnll
Doesn't seem to be?
18:36 Ticket #2098 (Shovel weirdness) created by nckmccnnll
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=135608&postcount=74
16:13 Ticket #2097 (Command repeating without input) created by nckmccnnll
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=135603&postcount=1


00:04 Ticket #2096 (LASH damage looks weird in lore) created by nckmccnnll
See http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showpost.php?p=135487&postcount=61


17:41 Ticket #2095 (Changes to hunger) created by nckmccnnll
Likely ones seem to be add a birth option to remove hunger, and make more …
17:32 Ticket #2094 (Careful check of monster movement AI vs 4GAI) created by nckmccnnll
Bits of 4GAI have made their way in, but there should be a proper check …
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