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Who's where in the angband codebase

This page has been created as a guide to which active (or semi-active) developers have extensive knowledge of which sections of code and where they can most easily/quickly be contacted. For a list of tickets they're each working on, click here.


Maintainer-of-sorts. Knows most things about the code, likes fiddling with everything. Originally took on the game to do refactoring and UI work more than anything else, though. Current priorities:

  1. finishing refactoring menu API and moving remaining menus to it
  2. rewrite of the input layer

Contactable on #angband-dev on IRC, or the angband-dev mailing list.


Maintainer of the Debian package. Author of randart.c and obj-power.c, also usefully familiar with (in descending order):

  • object knowledge stuff (obj-info.c plus bits of cmd-know.c, obj-util.c etc.)
  • game init (no longer - this has been refactored by elly)
  • combat (attack.c, monster/*)
  • identify.c / stores.c / effects.c / randname.c

Usually contactable on #angband-dev, or the angband-dev mailing list, or on the forum.


Wrote the original item list. Heavily involved in the curses (GCU) code, as well as colors/flickering. Introduced the quiver to V. Fixes bugs. Kind of random. Future directions of interest:

  • better RNG (WELL1024 hopefully)
  • better distance/LOS/FOV
  • better dungeon generation/vaults/terrain
  • better monster/drop flags
  • more interesting consumables, more hunger, more pain and suffering

Mostly idles on #angband-dev (as d_m), and reads oook pretty regularly (as d_m). Also has an email address


Author of the much improved monster recall, working on improving the monster and object lists. Sometimes available on #angband-dev, and checks the forum regularly.


Working on object and monster stats generation. Usually watching or idling on #angband-dev, and reading the forum.


Resident crazy person. Enjoys refactoring and code cleanup far too much; has no aspirations towards gameplay changes. Responsible for refactoring, internal API redesigns, and testing. elly on freenode, or in #angband-dev.