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    11= Angband 3.4.0 = 
    3 Please add your thoughts/goals to this page in advance of the 3.4 meeting ( 
     3See ObjectDistribution for main issues. 
    5 1. Is everybody happy to release 3.3.2 using the current RC2 (at HEAD of the 3.3-release branch)? Also, is everybody happy that this is the last 3.3.x release, providing no showstopping bugs suddenly show up? 
    7 2. Please can we nuke the GTK port now? (Add more general port discussion here, perhaps?) 
    9 3. Item generation. Magnate intends to implement an affix system for good and great items, along the lines described in This will fix #587 and #720 and will obviate #1179. Before doing this, he would like to sort out a number of issues related to object properties: #1182, #1039, #1415, #1531, #1015. Before all these comes #1540. UPDATE: this work is now well underway at All changes which can be made without breaking savefiles and ID-by-use of egos have been done, so it's speak now or forever fix my bugs! Some specific questions on which I'd like feedback are: 
    10   * I have removed of the special/normal artifact distinction, so I think we can now remove the INSTA_ART flag if we can find another way to provide flavours to artifact jewelry. 
    11   * But the new make_artifact() code has a crash bug which I haven't traced yet. I'm not sure if it happens when trying to generate any artifact, or only one whose base item is predetermined. Any help appreciated. 
    12   * I intend to allow multiple A: lines in artifact.txt, using ART_ALLOC_MAX or similar. I was assuming 3 would be enough. 
    13   * Should init_obj_alloc use an alloc_entry struct? I intend to allow the use of multiple A: lines in object.txt, and would do this first. 
    14   * Should affixes be able to change an object's attr (colour)? (From Ey) 
    15   * Could we dispense with the tval lookup table in obj-util.c by creating it from object_base.txt? Ditto the tval defines in tvalsval.h? 
    16   * Is there any reason (other than preserving the currently suboptimal ID-by-use) to retain the entire affix struct for every affix on an object? I am inclined just to keep the indeces in o_ptr->affix[].  
    18 4. Timo's current views are at 
     5Timo's current views are at