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     1== Using keywords in tickets == 
     3Angband is a big program. There are many thousand lines of code, and dozens of different things to consider when working on it. With a few exceptions (like the maintainer), most developers are interested in specific aspects of the code (user interface, item generation, vaults, savefile handling, whatever). Using keywords in your tickets helps them find the tickets they're interested in more easily, and makes it more likely that your ticket will receive attention. 
     5It's not quite as easy as it sounds. Obviously the worst thing you can do is use no keywords at all, but using too many keywords, and using the wrong ones, are both almost as bad. So the standard keywords you should use are listed below, along with the issues they cover. If your ticket touches on any of these issues, please use the relevant keywords. (The list is not perfect, so please check this page periodically in case it's been improved.) 
     7Keywords should always be used in lower case, and each keyword should be separated by a single space. (Please do not use multiple keywords unless they're all relevant - if you can separate the issues, consider opening multiple tickets instead. There is no pressure to minimise the number of tickets.) 
     9= Platform- and port-specific keywords = 
     10 * windows --  if your issue only happens in Windows, please use this keyword. (If you don't know whether it only happens in windows, that's fair enough - someone will add the keyword later when this has been established.) Please do NOT use any other keywords for Windows-related issues (e.g. vista, win7, xp-64 etc.) - if you believe that your issue is related to some specific version of Windows, please state this in the ticket description. 
     11 * unix --  as above, but for Unix-specific issues (e.g. setgid, FHS, X problems etc.). As with Windows, please do not use specific Unices or Linux distributions as keywords, with one exception: please use the keyword "debian" for issues specific to building the .deb, or converting it to some other package format (e.g. RPM). 
     12 * macos --  as above for Mac-specific issues. Again, don't use specific OSs as keywords. 
     13 * riscos --  likewise. 
     14 * gtk --  for the Gtk port 
     15 * sdl --  for the SDL port 
     16 * x11 --  for issues specific to the x11 port (use "unix" for general problems running under X) 
     17 * gcu --  for the ncurses port 
     18 * nds --  for the Nintendo DS port (in progress) 
     19 * s60 --  for the Symbian port (coming any year now) 
     21Please do not use any of the above keywords unless you are fairly sure that your issue is specific to that platform or port. 
     23= Coding style and compatibility keywords = 
     24 * cleanup --  for tickets about cleaning or improving sections of code ''without'' changing their effect 
     25 * compat --  for issues such as compiler warnings, C89 compatibility, autotools issues etc. 
     26 * doc --  for issues about documenting the code (c.f. "help" below) 
     28= Gameplay keywords = 
     29 * squelch --  if your ticket is about squelching or unsquelching 
     30 * knowledge --  for issues relating to the knowledge menu 
     31 * stores --  for anything related to the stores, including the home 
     32 * ai --  for monster behaviour 
     33 * wizmode --  for anything that happens in wizard mode 
     35= Metagame keywords = 
     36 * (save)