Building on OS X

To build the Mac port from source, follow these steps.

Installing Xcode

Xcode is Apple's suite of software development tools for OS X (and iOS).

  • If you are running a recent OS, you can install Xcode through the App Store.
  • If you are running an older OS, you will need to register as an Apple Developer at so that you can download older versions of the development tools.
    • On Snow Leopard (10.6.x), use Xcode 3.2.6.
    • On Leopard (10.5.x), use Xcode 3.1.4.
    • On Tiger (10.4.x), use Xcode 2.5. Please note that the Cocoa port does not run on Tiger, thanks to use of new API calls introduced in Leopard. You can however use the Carbon port.

Building Angband

  1. Download the source code from (The remainder of these instructions will assume that the version of Angband you're building is X.Y.Z, and that you saved the download into $HOME/Downloads/angband-vX.Y.Z.tar.gz.)
  2. Open, in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder.
  3. Run the following commands, to extract the archive you downloaded, change directory into the extracted source tree, compile the source into an application, and open a Finder window displaying the new application:
    tar xzpf Downloads/angband-vX.Y.Z.tar.gz
    cd angband-vX.Y.Z/src
    make -f Makefile.osx
    open ..

Note: if you need to build the Carbon version, use make -f Makefile.crb for the third command instead.

Once the last command completes, you should have an application bundle in the angband-vX.Y.Z folder of your home directory.

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