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Agenda for the Midnight Doodle, 11pm GMT Fri 21st Oct

  1. Whether to fork
  1. What to call the fork (this may sound trivial but it's really important):
    • ExperimentalAngband
    • AngbandNG
    • Vangband
    • French Vanilla
    • Angband Sans Frontieres
    • Angamando (Quenya for Angband)
    • ... something else? Based on Angband and similar in feel but really quite different in outlook ...
  1. Practicalities of the fork:
    • separate git repo (who wants commit access?)
    • separate bug tracker (ditto admin access)
    • separate website, maybe?
    • same dev blog, maybe?
    • same team structure/leadership?
    • same autobuilder(s)
    • ... anything else?
  1. Defining the fork: who wants what in or out of the manifesto / announcement (see attachment):
    • important principles
      • based on V (same basic fantasy/mythical races/classes/monsters)
      • no other strictures (anything could go in, or out)
      • highly volatile (experimentation > balance - don't upgrade until current game finishes ...)
      • if your change breaks something, you should fix it or revert (breaks means renders it unplayable)
      • implies no commitments to/for V (nothing is guaranteed to migrate to V)
    • putative roadmap
  1. Any consequential issues for V (e.g. changes to commit access, roadmap, milestone dates)
  1. AOB.

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