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First draft

Antoine asked in "Can you tell me what the devteam consider the current object distribution problems to be, or point me towards a thread or ticket that describes them?", and it occurred to me that I don't think these have ever been brought together in one place. So this is a starter for ten, which we can use to tick them off when we have stats to show that they've been solved.

  1. People have complained about having to scum for certain decent mushrooms, because of their alloc_max I think (sub-case of 7 below).
  1. Too many ego items and artifacts dropped, particularly boots of speed. This is the main priority for 3.4. Affixes fundamentally changes the generation of both, but need to run stats and tweak probabilities.
  1. Useless egos at deep levels, e.g. Slay Orc (was the genesis of #1179, fixed in affixes subject to testing/balancing)
  1. Lack of recognition of high-end base items in the algorithm (#1415, fixed in affixes, and could be obviated e.g. with "Dragon Scale" affix)
  1. Difficult to produce mixed-blessing or non-junk cursed items (mixed blessing items can be fixed in affixes subject to balancing/testing, new curses still to-do)
  1. Lack of flavour from absence of Rusty Chain Mail, Filthy Rag etc. (#958, fixed in affixes)
  1. Need finer control than a single min-max depth range (#1173, fixed in affixes for egos and artifacts, object.txt still to-do)
  1. Need finer control of what monsters can drop (#600, outstanding).
  1. Possibly too many consumables, having swung back too far from 3.1.0 where there were too few.
  1. ...