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     1= Traps, detection, and searching rework = 
     3== Design problem == 
     5Traps are current boring.  There are two possibilities when dealing with them: 
     6You detect them, in which case they are mostly neutralized 
     7You don’t, in which case they are a minor annoyance but don’t matter much (except three traps) 
     9== Solutions == 
     11=== Remove magical trap detection for most classes === 
     13For mage classes, we have options: 
     14remove entirely 
     15make it a local-ish duration spell with a high cost (or rolling mana usage?) 
     16make it a more costly and deper 
     18=== Add trap avoidance === 
     20The reason you need to detect traps is because hitting one of the following can be instant death: 
     21trap doors 
     22summoning rune 
     23teleport rune 
     25To solve this we add trap avoidance.  We’ll also make it easier to detect these traps than others.  Sometimes they might even be full-time visible.  Teleport and trap door will also start the player off with a turn, and summon monsters will summon monsters with -100 energy to start. 
     27=== Reduce number of traps in dungeon & make placement more intelligent === 
     29If there are loads of traps everywhere, this will get very tedious.  Plenty of playtesting will be needed to balance the number of traps. 
     31The point of the trap changes should be to make traps tactical.  This means not just placing them anywhere.  e.g. flame jets should be next to walls, webs near spiders, etc. 
     33Limit amount of searching to x times per square. 
     35=== Alter searching-related skills === 
     37There are three trap-related skills at present: searching, perception, disarming.  These inflate along with most other skills in the game.  Change this so that these skills inflate less with clev.  This will make equipment bonuses more valuable.  Try out a Sil-style system where the numbers for these two scores are kept relatively low and each point matters. 
     39Change skills: 
     41* Perception.  Perception covers old searching+searching frequency (perception) skills.  Perception is lowered if you have taken significant damage (>10% of HP) - this makes traps more dangerous in combat. 
     42* Disarming.  Disarming is presently really easy for most classes and all traps can be disarmed - this changes.  Classes which are bad will have to find other ways to deal with traps (by avoiding walking on them, scrolls, rods).  [note: trap/door destruction should be animated, with a little * blipping up on each removed trap] 
     44ACTION: Check FA/O for what happens on disarm (Nick described it as ‘disastrous’). 
     46and additionally: 
     48* Dexterity check for avoiding trap.  If you stumble onto a trap, you have a chance of avoiding it, depending on your DEX.  Never 100%. 
     50=== Class variation === 
     52||=  Class =||= Searching =||= Disarming =|| 
     53|| Warrior || steadily improving through game ||bad to middling || 
     54|| Rogue || excellent || excellent ||  
     55|| Mage || ok but magically assisted (dtrap is sensing a la Dwarf’s ore thing) || bad; good using spells ||  
     56|| Ranger || pretty good || good ||  
     57|| Priest || as warrior || ok; good using destruction ||  
     58|| Paladin || as warrior || as warrior ||  
     60=== Traps === 
     62Traps are all disarmable and hidden by default at the moment.  To add variation: 
     64* Some traps burn themselves out after one use; others are persistent 
     65* Only some traps can be disarmed (e.g. not teleport runes, they’re runes - and should display as ;) 
     66* Some traps are always visible, others always hidden; some vary 
     68These changes will add tactical depth; e.g. you might want to dig around a rune if you’re a warrior. 
     70Trap ideas: 
     72* webs (tend to be near spiders) 
     73* nets (tend to be near kobolds) 
     74* evil pit (summons a new monster every x turns) 
     75* flame jet (fires a fire beam of length 4/5 - placed near/on a wall) 
     76* arrow slot (fires an arrow to the nearest thing, whether player or monster) 
     77* wall drop (a row of traps that when you move off them, all turn into walls) 
     78* trap door / summoning / teleport (occur mostly in rooms, 50% chance of being hidden) 
     79* status effect traps (poison, blind, etc.) - make these last for less time.  the solution to running into a trap should not be "rest for 500 turns". 
     80* fire-spitter (spits fire at random points within a radius every x turns) 
     84((not a trap idea) campfire for orc groups)